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Meet The Crew!

Coastal Bend Action Sports is a group of people in Corpus Christ, Texas and the surrounding area with a love of action sports ranging from firing little sacs of paint at each other at high velocity to wailing on each other with foam covered sticks, and some combinations there-of.  Each of these nutty denizens of the Lone Star State brings a different perspective to the table regarding their various sports and skills.

Lord Damian (AKA Rebound)

Man of many angles, not so many curves. A builder, designer, and tinkerer, wielder of many skills, both mundane and arcane. Never met a bigger gun he didn't like. Equally at home in ghillie suit, removing the heads of competition, sneaking behind the enemy, or charging a problem guns akimbo. Spends most of his time buried in internals, finding complicated solutions to simple problems.

Animal - MORE DAKKA!!!

Science, Tobasco, and Tinkering.  These are the ingrdients that went into making this experiment gone horribly right.  An accidental dose of madness has made this man the creator of more than one Nerf blaster that could be called an abomination.  With a way with words that could be compared to finger painting Renoir with poo, Animal applies his laconic demeanor to his articles, basing them in experience, data, and a little guided conjecture.


Airsoft monkey, lover of all things foam, possibly a ninja.

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