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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Voberries 7.2

EDIT: Additional measuring has led me to the conclusion that these are the exact same the Voberry darts mentioned below.

Seems like we have a lot of choices lately when it comes to the ammo we use for our blasters.  Stock elites, koosh darts, cheater lengths as well as the new voberries that just popped up.  And this doesn't take into account any of the many stefan varieties.  I recently noticed a different batch of darts pop up on ebay.  Cheap and plentiful, I ordered a batch to evaluate.  The short of it is that they appear to be identical to the voberries except for their length.  More detailed information below.


As stated above, I was just cruising on ebay when I came across this listing.  Price was great, length looked good for flywheels, and free shipping is always a winner in my book.  In this lot, it comes out to $0.079 per dart (buying larging bundles decreases cost, the 200 pack is $0.070, the 300 is $0.067, and the 400 is $0.065 for those who need to know.)  For comparison we can compare this to stock darts which are the most expensive at $19.95 for 75 darts, which is $0.266 per dart.  Koosh's are cheaper at 200 darts for $19.95, or $0.0995 per dart.


For the most detailed analysis, I would suggest reading another blog, The Dart Zone.  As far as I can tell, these really are Voberry darts, just longer.  But here are my impressions.  For technical specs, these darts are 7.2cm long, 12mm wide with foam that is 3.5mm thick.  Fresh stock darts (pulled from an unopened package that came with my demolisher) measure 7.3cm long, 13mm wide and 3.5mm foam thickness.  I don't have a scale sensitive enough to weigh them, so that datapoint is unavailable.

Visually, the foam is lighter in color and appears to be less dense then the stock foam.  The rubber tip is darker in color (compared to stock) and feels firmer to the touch.  The heads of the darts feel smoother in comparison to the stock ones as well.  As Dart Zone author TorukMakto04 noted, this should make for a better performance in magazine fed blasters.
Now for the not so great parts.  A good number of darts had crookedly attached tips.  In fact 20 of the darts had tips that were visibly skewed during manufacture.  Of these, 10 were like the ones on the left and skewed enough to create a gap that causes some concern.  When checked, the tips resisted tugging, but still it seems like a failure point waiting to happen.

Splitting the dart revealed a construction method apparently identical to that of the shorter Voberries.

Lastly I took six unused stock elites, six good condition koosh darts (from my personal collection) and six of these new darts to put through a series of test fires.  I know six is a small sample size but was looking more for general impressions than scientific results.  I put these through a Firestrike (AR removed), a Triad (stock), a Strongarm (AR removed), a Hammerstrike (AR removed, spring upgraded), a Longshot (OMW 5kg spring, AR removed, reinforced bolt sled) and a Rapidstrike (full rewire, switch swap, barricade motors, 3.7v IMR power source [3], fluted barrel).  

The results were fairly consistent across the board.  The stock darts had highly unstable flights, had the poorest accuracy but the greatest range (estimated).  In particular all six stock darts had a "corkscrew" flight path after being fired from the Rapidstrike.  The koosh darts had considerably better accuracy, better flight paths but poorer range.  Specifically the koosh's had poor barrel fit in the Triad (one shot failed to fire entirely and another shot half the distance of the other four) and Strongarm.  These test darts however place themselves in between the stock and koosh, more reliable flight paths and accuracy than the stock darts, but better estimated range than the koosh darts.

*For the purpose of my test I fired at from my mod closet to a shower curtain approx. 25 feet away.  Accuracy was estimated by closes to hitting a specific point on the curtain.  Range was estimated by dart drop from barrel to target and force of impact at target.  All highly unscientific at best, but we work with what we have.

Overall Evaluation

Personally I think I like these.  I have an event coming up that I'll put them through their paces.  I can understand if you are an HvZ player looking at a weeklong game and want to have absolutely zero doubts about your ammo, these could be considered untrustworthy.  From the perspective of someone who hosts wars with short length games with quick turnovers, some of those concerns are lessened.

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