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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hasbro, Meet the Streisand Effect

"An injunction is a very expensive way to make sure
 a very boring story reaches the maximum number
of people"
Jeremy Clarkson, Have I Got News for You
Dear Hasbro,

It has come to my attention by way of other bloggers that one of your employees, or someone pretending to be one of your employees, has demanded that one of our community take down a picture of a display showing a series of unreleased blasters.  I suppose that's a step up from last time when you sent people to his home to harass him, so I applaud your marginal improvement.

I, however would like to introduce you to the Streisand Effect.  When an individual or group attempts to suppress something that they don't want known or seen, often this causes people to become more curious, and in many cases mirror the content to make suppression effectively impossible.  This is particularly true when intimidation, legal or otherwise, is used against a party with comparatively little power.  This was the case when Barbra Streisand attempted to sue a photographer to suppress a photo of her house, and it was true in 2012 when you attempted to intimidate the owner of Urban Taggers.

If you wish to keep information under wraps, I suggest plugging your leaks rather than attempting to intimidate and harass your fans.  Look at your supply chain and contractors.  The information originates with them and their failure to control said information, not with bloggers who receive the information and publish it.

If you had left it alone, you would simply have your fan base stirred up and excited for more information and new products.  Instead you have ensured that this information will be spread as widely as possible, while alienating your fanbase.  Good Job, Big H!




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