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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Burst Wizard: Lets Talk Features

Previously I talked about how I got my Stampede to fire in three round bursts.  Today I talk about the little device that made it possible for Rebound and I to accomplish it in only a week.  Okay I suppose that would be computers and the UPS supply chain.  Lets revise that to within a couple hours of sitting down with the device.  Specifically let's talk about features.

Selectable 1-9 round burst, along with programmable custom burst

The device comes out of the box set to 3 round burst, and tuned to work with most airsoft AEG's.  Those however have much higher cyclic rates than an electric springer Nerf blaster, and are unlikely to match up in any useful fashion with your blaster.  Not to fear, there is a custom burst programming mode, that is quite easy to use and runs through the mode until you get the desired result.  Once you are comfortable with the interface, setting your custom burst takes only a few minutes.

Resume Full-Auto, Programmable Delay

Out of the box, the device is set to fire a burst, stop firing for 0.6 seconds, and then resume firing on full auto until the user releases the trigger switch.  This delay is user settable in increments of 0.2 seconds, down to a minimum setting of 0.1 seconds as a zero point.  This allows the user to have their programmed burst setting, as well as full auto without the need of installing a selector switch or plate.  There is also a mode that can be set to turn Resume Full-Auto off, leaving the user with only their desired burst.  Or even a mode to set the blaster to full auto only, but that's probably not why you're installing this device.

Sniper Delay

The Burst Wizard allows you to insert a delay between bursts, to simulate operating a bolt or slide action weapon.  This might be useful for those of you playing in games with "classes" which designate what you can do based on what blaster type you carry.  With this setting, and a burst of 1 round, your Stampede can do a pretty good impression of a Longstrike or Retaliator.

Magazine Size, Magazine Change Delay

This is actually one of the areas where the Burst Wizard 2 doesn't exactly shine.  This setting allows you to set how many bursts your blaster can fire before inserting a delay to simulate a magazine reload.  This setting was intended for allowing airsoft players to user their high and mid capacity magazines in Mil-Sim style games.  Notice before I said how many bursts. The BW2 doesn't count during full auto fire, though the BW3 is supposed to.  To use this setting reliably with our small capacity N-strike magazines, one needs to disable Resume Full-Auto.  This setting combined with a delay after 18 rounds makes for a pretty good reminder that you need to reload, and fair prevention of dry firing.  Like the above Sniper Delay , it can be used to make one blaster simulate another, making for a very versatile blaster.

ROF Adjust

This one could be better read as Motor Speed Adjust.  It adjusts power to the motor using Pulse Width Modulation, like an RC car's motor controller.  It also includes active braking to deal with the surge when a motor is free spinning.  This is particularly useful if you find that your battery setup is actually a bit much for the blaster, or even if you find your Rate of Fire a bit impractically high.  Alternatively this mode could be used along with ROF Mode to turn the BW into an adjustable motor controller for your flywheel blasters.

LiPo and LiFePO4 Protection

That's right boys and girls, this handy little device will warn you when your precious cells are getting low on juice, and shut the blaster off when they approach critical discharge, maximizing longevity of your cells.  Whether they be expensive high performance LiPoly cells, or just cheap Trustfires.  Or you can leave the setting off if you prefer something a little more Nickel based.

Battery Decay Compensation

More like Battery Drain Compensation.  This adjusts the length of your burst cycle to compensate for battery drain.  To keep your burst settings nice and reliable through out your battery cycle.

Tap Burst, Smart Fuse, Switch Arc Protection

Wiring the BW into your blaster gets you a few other nifty features.  Like Tap Burst, which is exactly what it says on the tin, the ability to tap the trigger and have the BW complete your burst setting, rather than having to hold the trigger to complete the burst.  The BW2 also comes with an Adaptive Smart Resettable Fuse.  I have no idea how well that works, I've never tripped it.  Wiring in your BW2 also minimizes arcing at the trigger switch, and removes the trigger from the motor circuit and with it the resistance of that trigger switch, allowing your motor to run more efficiently.


  1. Nice piece of product introduction by Animal. All are explained right on the money!

    The latest BW 3 gives you no trigger response lose method of ROF reduction. Now, you can simulate real steel ROF with lighting fast trigger response with 11.1V LIPO!
    Each BB is fird at 100% battery power (speed) and allows you to program the pause time in between BB with 0.01 second increment to achieve real steel like ROF reduction like Polar star using gas tank approach.

    With BW 3, BB counting now works with fullauto firing, burst firing and semi-auto firing too.

    Another neat feature of BW 3 is to allow you to fire up to 3 rounds of x-round burst (x-y-z) with 0.02 sec delay between firing with just 1 pull of the trigger switch. You can hit 3 targets with one pull of the trigger with burst firing to save BB and with more real steel feel! If x, y z = 1, you get a slow down 3 round burst that also simulates real steel 3-round burst speed.

    One last thing that you might not know is that BW 2 and BW 3 are compatible with micro switch equipped AEGs in hardwired or plug-and-play mode. Unlike other MOSFETs with AB or not that go crazy and do many ON/OFF cycles to the MOSFET and motor (bad things to heat up the MOSFET, switch and less power to motor) when micro switch bounces during firing, Burst Wizard design anticipates real life vibration condition and totally ignore them. So, its MOSFET and AB components stay at ON state during the whole firing cycle to deliver 100% power to your motor. If you hardwire BW to the AEG, it will 100% protect your trigger switch and takes care of the bouncing for you. If you plug-and-play it, it will make your trigger switch last longer than if you don't use one because of Burst Wizard soft start feature alone.

    It is not by accident that top retailers like AirsoftGI, Airsplat and Evike are carrying them.

    1. Thanks for coming to our humble blog, Kong Ho. It's our pleasure to have you here. We obviously aren't using your product as you intended it to be used, but it works for us.

      We could probably get even more out of it if it were possible to disable or adjust the braking factor.

      You say that the BW2 and BW3 are not timer based. This initially lead me to think that it was sensing load on the motor. Is this true? And are out larger motors perhaps interfering with the BW2's ability to work?



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