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Friday, August 29, 2014

Gearing up! Midland XTC Action Camera with Bonus!

Something personally I've liked doing recently is watching footage from other groups nerf events.  The stuff coming from B.U.R.N. as well as Basic Nerf and others is fun to watch and a good way to get ideas for games and gear.  At some point, the thought might cross your mind "I'd like to try recording my own events!"  But which camera to use?  Everyone has an opinion, here's mine.
The Midland XTC 205 with mounts and case.

I chose the Midland XTC 205 for several reasons.  First probably was cost.  What can I say, I'm a cheap bastard when it comes down to it.  Really though, it can be difficult to justify the cost of something like a Go-Pro (which costs several hundred dollars)  when you're only going to be using it maybe once a month.  The unit I picked up clocked in at about $40 plus shipping and was purchased through ebay, which is how I suggest buying one incidentally.  Amazon has a similar  model for just over $70 while buying one directly from Midland will cost about $100.

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