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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stay Cool Texas!

(c) Blastersmiths UK Ltd
"How do you even Nerf in 30C heat?!" - Mike Harratt, BSUK
"Like a BOSS." - Owen Atkin, CBAS
Those that follow us know that we are fans of Blastersmiths UK, to the extent that they are our go-to people for custom tactical gear.  The collaborations and feedback cycle means we exchange a lot of emails.  Imagine my surprise when, during discussion of the most recent Modular Dart System prototype, Mike alerts me that new gear previews are imminent!

The first new piece of gear to be shown is the new MkI MOLLE Cuirass, covered front and rear in PALS webbing.  The new vest features a shorter length than previous models in the BSUK lineup, terminating at the bottom of the rib cage as opposed to going fully down to the waist line like most models.  The shorter length should allow greater range of motion and ventilation, particularly to the kidney area which is particularly important to staying cool.

(c) Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Cooling is especially important here in southern Texas, where during the summer months temperatures are usually in the 70's F before anyone is even thinking of getting out of bed and into the upper 80's by the time game time rolls around.  That's 26C+ for our Metric readers.  I stuff my personal chest rig's map pouches with ice-packs, and pack a couple more in with the hydration bladder in the back to keep that water nice and cold, which of course helps keep me cool as well.

BSUK will be offering this new smaller rig in their new black breathable 500D Cordura, which lacks the MILSPEC anti-fray coatings and should allow more cool air to your skin, to allow you to more evaporate your sweat, and let you stay cooler.  Additionally the inner face of the cuirass gets a 3mm mesh lining to let air flow around underneath the vest as well.

I'm the not-skinny guy.
Of course the real secret to staying cool is to man up and sweat.  No, really.  Sweating is one of the methods the body uses to regulate temperature, via evaporative cooling.  The sweat evaporates water vapor into the air surrounding your body, which cools the air a bit and allows your skin to radiate its heat into the cooler air.   Blood flowing through the skin is cooled which then flows through out your body.  Methods like my insertion of ice-packs into my map pouches use the same mechanism, without depleting my body's water supply.  Instead of transferring heat to the air, heat is transferred to the packs, which will of course slowly melt, leaving you with a bag of body temperature slush to carry around.  Luckily my rig is open enough to let me fall back on the old fashioned way.


  1. Have they fixed the column spacing from 2 inch to the standard PALS inch spacing?



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