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Friday, May 16, 2014

Gearing Up!: CBAS/BSUK Modular Dart System

Panel and pouch mounted to PALS
panel, which mounts to my belt
A few months ago I started putting together specs for a custom piece of Nerf tactical gear, to commission from a cottage gear maker.  After a couple emails and a month of silence I ditched that maker and went to BlasterSmiths UK, to discuss and finalize my specs.  The result of that time is the Modular Dart System.

The aim of the project is simple:
System comes with five panels.
I cut one up to test revisions.
Better ammo management for non mag-fed blasters, like one would use as a sidearm.  The new system should enable the carriage of more than twice that offered by the BSUK belt mounted dart panel, without cluttering the player's "workspace".  The system should not be more complicated to reload from than the existing dart panel.  We (CBAS and BSUK) accomplished this with a multi-part system.  

The pouch I use holds three reload
strips quite handily.
  1. A PALS mounted panel to mount in the player's "workspace" on their rig, making mounted ammo easy to use.  This panel fills the same PALS space as a single N-Strike mag pouch, to make it easy to integrate into loadouts.
  2. Modular panels that go onto the PALS panel, that the player can tear off and replace with a loaded panel when depleted.  These panels are the business end of the whole system, making reloading your blaster easy.  A tab at the top makes removing them from the PALS mounting panel quick and easy.
  3. A pouch for storing loaded modular panels, where ever the player feels comfortable having them.  This allows the player to mount their extra modular panels right next to the mounting panel, or somewhere else out of the way.  This pouch is still in the works, but for now a Condor MA2 Ammo/Dump pouch does a pretty good job.
  4. Optional:  A player might use a dump pouch to put their empty modular panels in, rather than dumping them on the ground.

As with any product made by BSUK, or for that matter designed by CBAS, the pattern is in a continual cycle of revision, to make it even better.  For instance swapping the hook and loop side of the connection between the panels, to get rid of snagging has been put on the table.  Or new stiffening materials to allow the modular panel to be narrowed enough to fit in mag pouches.

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