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Monday, April 7, 2014

Multi Mission Sling Review

The below is a guest post written by our friend from Reddit, Akmetan, who also provided his own photos.  Editting and formatting by Animal.
After ammo storage, one of the next most important pieces of gear (in my mind) would be something for blaster retention. For a sidearm this means a holster, for a primary this means a sling. The sling can be used to keep the blaster near when you need to switch to the sidearm, or when you need hands free while doing something else. This article will examine a specific sling, the Multi Mission Sling from Black Rifle Tactical.

Before I begin, it’s worth noting that there are three basic types of slings and multiple styles within those types. There are other articles that can cover that better than I can, in fact the one at Airsoft GI is pretty thorough (pick any sling and go the to Product Article tab in the Item Highlights section).

However, I will give a brief synopsis of some personal experience. Generally I was content to run with the Nerf Bandolier/Sling most of the time as it’s fairly convertible and comfortable, but noticed a few issues during its use. Namely when the sling is adjusted so you can aim properly, it sits too low and loose when not in hand. And when it is adjusted so that it sits properly when not in use, there isn’t enough slack to aim properly. This led me to try using it in a one point configuration (one of the snaps attached to the blaster, the strap looped around my torso and the other snap attached to one of the elastic dart loops). This worked well enough, but still, a little too much give thanks to the elastic as well as the usual issues one point slings have (the blaster still takes up a lot of working space right in front of the torso).

This brings us to the gear in question. The Multi Mission sling is a variable sling that can be used in both a one and two point configuration. I ordered it from the sellers Ebay store (normal price of $20, but currently on sale and has free shipping) and it arrived much quicker than anticipated. The first thing that struck me when removing it from the package was it’s quality. Having been looking at low cost airsoft gear for so long, I think I may have been expecting a piece of cheap equipment (generally that you get what you paid for and I didn’t pay much). The straps are strong and smooth, being similar in nature to vehicle seat belts, though much thinner in width. All of the hardware (save one plastic adjustment slide) is metal and there is a leather facing stitched onto the strap that connects to the blaster. The sling also features a thumb loop for use in a two point configuration.

Attaching the sling to the blaster is done easily enough with a quick release snap shackle. The quick release function is nice as a quick pull on the tie frees blaster from the sling. Without that tug, the shackle stays closed and tight, even when the shackle itself pulled and yanked. The shackle is also big enough to fit through most attachment points on blasters without the need of an adapter, which is a plus.

The other end of the sling is an L shaped snap that is designed to attach to either the D ring near the snap shackle or directly to the front portion of the weapon, depending on what configuration currently in use. It snaps in firmly to the D ring and even has a locking mechanism that can be moved into place to keep the snap from accidentally opening. This lock does have to be moved quite far, and is fairly stiff. In fact I found I needed to use a screwdriver to get it to lock completely into place, but it may be stiff from lack of use. However, as I expected, this snap will not fit over the blaster attachment points on its own. It is a simple enough fix to use a carabiner on the blaster and then attach to the sling to the carabiner. This puts the sling into its two point configuration, but more on that in a moment.

Once in place, the sling sits well and is comfortable. Some adjustment was needed to get it sitting properly around the torso, but that’s to be expected. Bringing the blaster to bear is easy and smooth and when loose the blaster sits higher on the torso than the bandolier sling. Switching configurations is also easy and can be done one handed (though perhaps not as quickly as I liked due to the loose nature of the carabiner). The blaster can than be stowed across the back, and the thumb loop can be used to tighten the hold of the blaster to the torso. This gives the sling good retention while being able to still be used with minimal additional adjustment.

After considering everything, I have to say I’m very pleased with this sling. High quality, easy to use and comfortable, it does everything asked of it, with better results than I had expected. Coupled with very reasonable price point it’s a win it almost every category.


  1. It's a knock off MS2 by Magpul essentially; they're great slings! The beauty of a single point of attachment is maneuverability, whether swapping shoulders, or just trying to access the other gear you have on your person. Wonderful sling. A+

  2. I'm glad to have good guest writers from time to time on this blog. I'm also glad that such a knockoff exists. Name brand Magpul is pretty expensive, especially for our applications. Any place where we can get good serviceable gear at reasonable prices is a good thing for the hobby



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