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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gearing Up!: Stingy Player Edition

As pretty much everyone should know that reads this blog should know, one of the primary goals of the Gearing Up! series is to get players equipped for as little as possible.  Mostly the goal is to explore the options out there for nerfers and pass that information to players, so they can make informed decisions about their gear options.

As I was browsing Airsoft GI today to order some bits and bobs for my next rig project and reviews, I noticed something.  Seemingly all of Condor's ACU pattern products are 25% off!  Basic Nerf fans probably know by now that Condor's Dual and Triple AK mag pouches can be modified slightly to hold N-strike 18 round mags.

These items cannot be discounted again with an additional coupon, but one can add the "giground" coupon to discount their shipping to build a rig on the cheap!

1 x Condor Outdoor MOLLE Dual AK Magazine Pouch ( ACU ) (*not discounted) (01512 / MA6-007) = $10.46
1 x Condor Outdoor MOLLE Triple AK Magazine Pouch ( ACU ) (*not discounted) (05063 / MA33-007) = $11.96
1 x Condor Outdoor Belt Mounted Magazine Recovery Pouch ( ACU ) (*not discounted) (01838 / MA22-007) = $10.46
Sub-Total: $32.88
United Parcel Service (UPS Ground (Special Discounted Price: $15.87 $12.70)): $12.70
Discount Coupons:giground: -$6.35
Total: $39.23
Total Savings for shopping with Airsoft GI: $17.31

Below is a list of items from the database currently discounted.

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