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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gearing Up!: Drop Thigh Equipment

Welcome once again ladies, gents, and others that don't fit into that dichotomy.  Also also those who don't know what a dichotomy is because it's not actually important to this article.  Not every article necessarily has to be about things we like.  While we strive to be fair, sometimes we write about things that we don't like.

If you do silly things like read titles, you already know I'm talking about thigh mounted equipment.  If not, smack yourself on the forehead, you deserve it.  Let me be clear before we go any further that it's not my desire to give drop thigh equipment a bad rap.  I, myself, personally as a matter of preference, prefer not to have things mounted to my legs for a few reasons.  It's hard to adjust the straps when they are wrapped around your leg, without help.  The straps in my experience with rare exception sag down and cause a sharp pull on one's belt when running, though I have been told that other folks with a similarly tapered thigh have similar problems.  Not the maker of the equipment's fault.

Equipment mounted to one's thighs also adds to the energy it takes to walk and run, more so even than gear mounted on your torso.  More than that though, the fact that your stuff that you presumably want access to in a hurry is now a moving target bugs the hell out of me.  Not that I'm ever hauling ass, anyone who's ever seen me knows I move with the speed and grace of a runaway glacier.  They also know I try to avoid wearing stuff that makes me even wider, for I am as broad as the day is long.

However, thigh mounted equipment is good for when your rig's bulk makes a belt mounted option impractical.  When I was experimenting with the BSUK mag pouches, I mounted my Matrix Universal Tornado Tactical Holster on my thigh so the odd combination of pouches and pistol wouldn't interfere with each other.  It was functional, even if I didn't like it.

With all that said, I recently bought a Condor brand drop thigh platform.  And it has escaped my ire.  I originally bought it to convert into a mini chest rig, but that wound up being a bust, so I put it back to its original purpose.  While I intend on mounting more extensive gear to it later, for now it serves well holding a lightly modified BSUK belt panel for darts, holding it down away from my belt line where the darts will not get folded as I move around.  It's serving rather admirably in this role, holding ammo for my secondary, as close to the belt as can be managed without risking squishing my foamy ammo.  Between the thigh panel and my holster on the belt, I have everything I need should I decide to put away my Stampede and M4 Rig for a round or two.  And it will only get better when my modular dart panels come in from BSUK.

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  1. Hey Animal, you brought some realizations to my eyes on thigh gear. I've been thinking about getting a thigh/leg holster for my sidearm, but I never thought that you would have to grab a moving target for a sidearm on the run. Looks like I'll be getting a hip/belt holster instead, thanks again for the insight.



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