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Friday, April 18, 2014

Gearing Up!: Allen Company Marker Bag

Every once in a while I am known to do something impulsive.  This usually works to my detriment in the long run.  Every so often I find out something neat in this spontaneous experimentation.  This was the case today as I was walking the airsoft and paintball section at my local Academy sporting goods store.

What I found in my browsing was the Allen Company's Paintball Marker Bag.  At $20 I wasn't expecting much, but figured that it would be worth a shot as a field bag for compact clip system blasters.  The box advertises space inside for one paintball marker, one compressed gas tank in an external pouch, and three pouches for paintball pods that zip off into an ammo belt.  The ammo belt come as a surprise to me as I hadn't even bothered to read the box when I decided to pick it up.

I had hoped to fit my Stampede, with its cropped down length, into the bag but this turned out to be a bridge too far.  A Rayven or Stryfe with a stock attached fit quite nicely.  While I didn't try them I imagine a Stockade, Alpha Trooper, or Retaliator without barrel would fit too.

The three pod pouches wouldn't close over my JT pods, which I use for dart storage, nor will they close over 18 round dart magazines.  Each pod holds 40 darts, adding up to 120 darts between the three pouches, or 108 with mags.  Each pouch will also hold a Vortex mag or a Magstrike clip.  The fact that these pouches zip off for use as an ammo belt is a nice bonus.  The pouches are deep enough to not need to be closed over 18's to hold them securely.  And the waistbelt fits my body, which moves with all the grace of an eagle piloting a blimp.

The tank pouch was another pleasant surprise.  I expected it to store a barrel extension or stock, or some 6 round mags.  Instead it goes above and beyond, storing three 18 round mags easily, and four with a little shoving.  A few other combinations of mags are possible: two Magstrike, four Vortex 10's, a couple Vulcan belts, or a bunch of 6's.  On the flap of the tank pouch is a zippered pocket, useful for batteries or tools.

Overall it turned out to be a pretty neat find, though not enough for someone heavily kitted out.  It seems like it would be a good place for a beginner to start, providing an ammo belt and a way to discreetly carry ones blaster.  Or just simply keep your blaster and play gear in one ready to grab bag.

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