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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Aim Sports 90 Lumens Flashlight Review

The below is a guest post written by our friend from teh Reddits, Akmetan, who also provided his own photos.  Editting and formatting by Animal.
Our group is primarily an indoors one, and we do a number of low to null light games. With that in mind I was looking to get a tactical light to use, one that would fit on a nerf rail and more importantly, one that could be operated with the utmost ease. I did manage to find both in the Aim Sports 90 Lumens Flashlight.

The first concern was of cost. Let’s be honest, while I love this hobby, we are talking about toys here. I’m not quite willing to throw the money into a serious tac light for my nerf gun, so my desired light would need to be a bit on the cheap side. Fortunately I managed to pick this up for less that $13 (plus shipping) from Sounds good to me.

Item arrived in good time (as usual per Amazon) and was treated to a fairly plain looking package. Of note, the battery for the light (a 3v CR123A in this case) was simply taped to the front of the flashlight package. Odd, but at least it came with the battery. The package contained the following: the light itself (already inside its mount), with the remote pressure switch cap in place, a separate push button endcap and an allen wrench used to tighten the mounting bracket.

Time to see if it fits. Take it to the trusty Rapidstrike, loosen the bracket and voila, a smooth fit. I checked it from several angles to make sure it sat properly, but once tightened it felt solid and unmoving. Tightening was done with the enclosed allen wrench on two allen bolts set into the mounting bracket.

Several more allen bolts hold the light in place in the bracket. This makes the light entirely removable should the need arise, or the desire to use a different light. If a replacement light were to be used, the dimensions would need to match the current light fairly closely to ensure a proper fit.

As initially noted, ease of use was also high in my checklist. I specifically wanted the remote pressure switch so the light could be activated without changing grips or releasing the blaster, and this one fits just fine. The switch itself is a rubber coated switch at the end of a coiled cord. The coil keeps the extra slack out of the way while giving it extra length, useful in case there is a longer distance from the mounting point to where ever you plan on placing the switch.

Switch operation is a simple press for on, release for off. I’ve read that higher quality switches/tac lights offer other options, such as strobe and always on, but that’s not to be found at this price point. Also of note is that the light doesn’t come with any way to mount the remote switch to the blaster. That is a simple fix as you could use a rubber band, some tape, a zip tie, or with what I plan to do, make a little wrap with some elastic and velcro. Once in place, switch operation is smooth and easy. I found it best to place it in a position that allowed me to press in with the meaty part of my palm just below my thumb. This was simple and comfortable to do with the blaster firmly gripped and in place while aiming.

Just to try it out, I swapped the remote switch end cap out for the push button end cap, and well, that works exactly as you would expect. Push in once to turn on, push again to turn off. No frills, no thrills.

All of this is just window dressing if the unit doesn’t work well. With a tactical light, there are two intended uses. To light up surrounding areas like a standard flashlight, and offensively to stun/blind/disorient opponents. As to the former, I have to say I’m very pleased. It more than effectively lights up a darkened hallway or room, even to some distance. Some of the rooms at our location are greater than 30ft across and it adequately lit the opposite side.

With the latter concern, I would imagine at close range it would a good job at disorienting. With the blaster in hand, I tested the light on myself and the light left a dark spot in my vision, but all in all I didn’t find it more than I could handle. In a low light situation, and being caught by surprise I could see where this might be different and more debilitating. On the other hand, I also have to say if you are out to blind your friends (and it might be my mistake to assume you are friendly with the people you nerf with are your friends) in such a situation, you might be taking this a bit too serious.

In closing, I have to say that I’m very happy with the purchase. The light is well put together, easy to attach and use and works exactly as I hoped it would. A little DIY project to fix that remote strap attachment and it’ll work like a charm.

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  1. Solid review, I might get one myself now for the rare night game or twilight games as the daylight starts to fade.

    I would suggest linking the actual Amazon link for your readers though to help save them the trouble of looking and to help them avoid the wrong item if they do decide to buy it.



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