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Friday, April 25, 2014

Camera B.U.R.N.

Check out this video of a B.U.R.N. King of the hill session by friend of the blog Jangular.  I love the great commentary in the video, taking advantage of relative quiet.  Particularly at the beginning of the video explaining the play area for those of us not already playing with them.  The use of a rear facing camera on the blaster is also a nice touch.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gearing Up!: Drop Thigh Equipment

Welcome once again ladies, gents, and others that don't fit into that dichotomy.  Also also those who don't know what a dichotomy is because it's not actually important to this article.  Not every article necessarily has to be about things we like.  While we strive to be fair, sometimes we write about things that we don't like.

If you do silly things like read titles, you already know I'm talking about thigh mounted equipment.  If not, smack yourself on the forehead, you deserve it.  Let me be clear before we go any further that it's not my desire to give drop thigh equipment a bad rap.  I, myself, personally as a matter of preference, prefer not to have things mounted to my legs for a few reasons.  It's hard to adjust the straps when they are wrapped around your leg, without help.  The straps in my experience with rare exception sag down and cause a sharp pull on one's belt when running, though I have been told that other folks with a similarly tapered thigh have similar problems.  Not the maker of the equipment's fault.

Equipment mounted to one's thighs also adds to the energy it takes to walk and run, more so even than gear mounted on your torso.  More than that though, the fact that your stuff that you presumably want access to in a hurry is now a moving target bugs the hell out of me.  Not that I'm ever hauling ass, anyone who's ever seen me knows I move with the speed and grace of a runaway glacier.  They also know I try to avoid wearing stuff that makes me even wider, for I am as broad as the day is long.

However, thigh mounted equipment is good for when your rig's bulk makes a belt mounted option impractical.  When I was experimenting with the BSUK mag pouches, I mounted my Matrix Universal Tornado Tactical Holster on my thigh so the odd combination of pouches and pistol wouldn't interfere with each other.  It was functional, even if I didn't like it.

With all that said, I recently bought a Condor brand drop thigh platform.  And it has escaped my ire.  I originally bought it to convert into a mini chest rig, but that wound up being a bust, so I put it back to its original purpose.  While I intend on mounting more extensive gear to it later, for now it serves well holding a lightly modified BSUK belt panel for darts, holding it down away from my belt line where the darts will not get folded as I move around.  It's serving rather admirably in this role, holding ammo for my secondary, as close to the belt as can be managed without risking squishing my foamy ammo.  Between the thigh panel and my holster on the belt, I have everything I need should I decide to put away my Stampede and M4 Rig for a round or two.  And it will only get better when my modular dart panels come in from BSUK.

Gearing Up!: Stingy Player Edition

As pretty much everyone should know that reads this blog should know, one of the primary goals of the Gearing Up! series is to get players equipped for as little as possible.  Mostly the goal is to explore the options out there for nerfers and pass that information to players, so they can make informed decisions about their gear options.

As I was browsing Airsoft GI today to order some bits and bobs for my next rig project and reviews, I noticed something.  Seemingly all of Condor's ACU pattern products are 25% off!  Basic Nerf fans probably know by now that Condor's Dual and Triple AK mag pouches can be modified slightly to hold N-strike 18 round mags.

These items cannot be discounted again with an additional coupon, but one can add the "giground" coupon to discount their shipping to build a rig on the cheap!

1 x Condor Outdoor MOLLE Dual AK Magazine Pouch ( ACU ) (*not discounted) (01512 / MA6-007) = $10.46
1 x Condor Outdoor MOLLE Triple AK Magazine Pouch ( ACU ) (*not discounted) (05063 / MA33-007) = $11.96
1 x Condor Outdoor Belt Mounted Magazine Recovery Pouch ( ACU ) (*not discounted) (01838 / MA22-007) = $10.46
Sub-Total: $32.88
United Parcel Service (UPS Ground (Special Discounted Price: $15.87 $12.70)): $12.70
Discount Coupons:giground: -$6.35
Total: $39.23
Total Savings for shopping with Airsoft GI: $17.31

Below is a list of items from the database currently discounted.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Stuff from Blastersmiths UK

(c) Blastersmiths UK CC-BY-NC-SA
Coastal Bend Action Sports has gone collaborative, on a site to site level!  About a month ago our own Animal put in a custom order for gear with Blastersmiths UK.  After some discussion between the two groups, the Modular Dart Panel system is going up for sale as a part of BSUK's regular store lineup.

The Modular Dart Panel is simple to use, to bolster your muzzle loading or breech/shell loading dart blaster.  Grab darts from the panel to reload quickly, and when the panel is depleted grab the pull tab and rip it off to put the empty one away and replace it with a full one from your pouch.  This should keep you Roughcut shotgunners and Hammershot pistoleros in action a bit longer than the existing belt mounted panel on offer.

A quick click of this link right here will take you to the BSUK store, where you can purchase the first version of this system for about $35US.  That includes the mounting panel and five reload strips to get you started.  Mine should be arriving in the mail in the next couple days, so keep an eye here for the review

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gearing Up!: Allen Company Marker Bag

Every once in a while I am known to do something impulsive.  This usually works to my detriment in the long run.  Every so often I find out something neat in this spontaneous experimentation.  This was the case today as I was walking the airsoft and paintball section at my local Academy sporting goods store.

What I found in my browsing was the Allen Company's Paintball Marker Bag.  At $20 I wasn't expecting much, but figured that it would be worth a shot as a field bag for compact clip system blasters.  The box advertises space inside for one paintball marker, one compressed gas tank in an external pouch, and three pouches for paintball pods that zip off into an ammo belt.  The ammo belt come as a surprise to me as I hadn't even bothered to read the box when I decided to pick it up.

I had hoped to fit my Stampede, with its cropped down length, into the bag but this turned out to be a bridge too far.  A Rayven or Stryfe with a stock attached fit quite nicely.  While I didn't try them I imagine a Stockade, Alpha Trooper, or Retaliator without barrel would fit too.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

So, why gear?

Gear is a funny thing. So are creativity and writer's block. Ever since someone first decided to start making stuff up and writing it down there's been writer's block. Since there have been dart blasters there has been a need for a way to carry it.

Since a time that I don't bother to remember, Nerf and other brands of dart blaster have only ever come with one load of darts. This is fine for plinking around your bedroom or apartment, perhaps even your cubicle. But, once one decides to engage a fellow dart-slinger in

faux combat, one needs more darts than the handful you get. This has been true as far back as I care to try to remember, even back in the days of the Eagle Eye.

Once one has more than a handful of darts, one needs a way to carry them. For muzzle or rear loaders, a simple belt pouch is sufficient, and continues to be more than enough. Such a thing is analogous to a Revolutionary War cartridge belt in its simplicity. Reach in, grab a dart, load, ramrod if necessary.

Then along came removable CS-style box magazines, and the Magstrike's clips. While this made reloading in game quite a bit speedier, it did call for a way to carry them. Magstrike clips came with a handy belt clip, and CS-6 magazines were small enough to fit in cargo pant pockets. This worked great, until the Stampede. For those who got into the hobby Post-Elite, the Stampede was the first full automatic clip system blaster. It was also the first blaster to come with multiple high capacity magazines. Those magazines would not fit into cargo pants pockets, and the experimentation began.

I turned to paintball gear with hit and miss results, due to vaguely similar sizes between CS-18 magazines and 140 round paintball pods. Later I tried cardboard and duct tape, with results that weren't stellar and were instructive of the sorts of features that I would look for later in my own gear. Those with sewing machines or access to grannies that could sew would make their own pouches and vests from contemporary vest patterns. I sadly couldn't sew a stitch, and was tired of trying to make my own gear.

So I turned to the internet and real steel gear. After all real militaries had had decades of experience solving the problem of how to carry their crap. And as it would turn out, other people had had the same idea. From there it was as simple as gathering that information into one place that could be easily browsed, to simplify the quest for the people that followed.

So why gear? Because as long as a blaster uses a type of consumable, a way to carry it will be needed. Why lights? Because it was only a matter of time before someone turned off the lights on an indoor game, or the sun went down on an HvZ game. Slings, holsters, and general purpose pouches? A place to put your broken weapon, a sidearm to replace it, and tools to fix it once you hit a safe zone.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Multi Mission Sling Review

The below is a guest post written by our friend from Reddit, Akmetan, who also provided his own photos.  Editting and formatting by Animal.
After ammo storage, one of the next most important pieces of gear (in my mind) would be something for blaster retention. For a sidearm this means a holster, for a primary this means a sling. The sling can be used to keep the blaster near when you need to switch to the sidearm, or when you need hands free while doing something else. This article will examine a specific sling, the Multi Mission Sling from Black Rifle Tactical.

Before I begin, it’s worth noting that there are three basic types of slings and multiple styles within those types. There are other articles that can cover that better than I can, in fact the one at Airsoft GI is pretty thorough (pick any sling and go the to Product Article tab in the Item Highlights section).

However, I will give a brief synopsis of some personal experience. Generally I was content to run with the Nerf Bandolier/Sling most of the time as it’s fairly convertible and comfortable, but noticed a few issues during its use. Namely when the sling is adjusted so you can aim properly, it sits too low and loose when not in hand. And when it is adjusted so that it sits properly when not in use, there isn’t enough slack to aim properly. This led me to try using it in a one point configuration (one of the snaps attached to the blaster, the strap looped around my torso and the other snap attached to one of the elastic dart loops). This worked well enough, but still, a little too much give thanks to the elastic as well as the usual issues one point slings have (the blaster still takes up a lot of working space right in front of the torso).

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Aim Sports 90 Lumens Flashlight Review

The below is a guest post written by our friend from teh Reddits, Akmetan, who also provided his own photos.  Editting and formatting by Animal.
Our group is primarily an indoors one, and we do a number of low to null light games. With that in mind I was looking to get a tactical light to use, one that would fit on a nerf rail and more importantly, one that could be operated with the utmost ease. I did manage to find both in the Aim Sports 90 Lumens Flashlight.

The first concern was of cost. Let’s be honest, while I love this hobby, we are talking about toys here. I’m not quite willing to throw the money into a serious tac light for my nerf gun, so my desired light would need to be a bit on the cheap side. Fortunately I managed to pick this up for less that $13 (plus shipping) from Sounds good to me.


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