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Friday, March 14, 2014

On playstyles and gear

Functionality.  It seems like such a simple concept to grasp, but so disagreed upon among the community of folks on the internet.  Recently I posted a poll on this blog with a few open ended questions, asking how players carried their ammo.  We also asked what they thought was practical and tacticool.  We got a wide variety of answers, some well thought out, others just an example of people being dicks.  (It's okay guys, I'm a bit of a misanthrope as well.)

Before going any further I feel I owe the NIC crowd an apology.  I had assumed that more of the dickery submitted to the survey would be from the NIC crowd, and you guys were in general brief but polite.  For underestimating you guys I apologize.

The number of responses to the survey was pretty small, not enough to make any definitive statements about any segment of the community.  I can say some small things, but as no authority on the subject.

- Players that use non-magfed blasters only use no type of specialized load carrying equipment.  No real surprise there.  Pouches of varying descriptions, from left over Crown Royal bags to Belgian Gasmask pouches.  A pouch is a pouch as long as your hand can get into it quickly.

- Players that play HvZ only seem rather split on the use of load carrying equipment, even though usage of magfed blasters is nigh-ubiquitous.  Lots and lots of people carrying mags around in cargo shorts.  This strikes me as less than ideal for QUICKLY grabbing a reload.  A near equal number of respondents who played HvZ have adopted mag carrying equipment.  Whether this is indicative of a trend in that direction, I haven't the foggiest idea.  It could be simply that people who play often enough find it worth their while to invest in gear that makes quick access to mags possible.

- Players of Stock-class wars, predominantly indoor, have the highest adoption rate of load carrying equipment.  While some will go full cosplay military kit, the majority it seems from my limited data-set take a very pragmatic approach to their gear.  If it helps more ammo or make their ammo more quickly available to them, gear has value.  Anything that makes their blasters or ammo more available has value, all else is just frosting and flair.

Of course based on what limited results DID come in, I may ask further questions down the road.

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