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Friday, February 28, 2014

Gearing Up!: FASTmag

Source: Tactikal Photography
Greetings, boys and girls.  It's once again time for Animal to talk about gear.  In this case gear that holds your mags!

Today's piece is a pretty specialized magazine pouch, the Big Dragon 7.62 Fast Magazine Holster.  This mag carrier is a reproduction of ITW's FASTmag Heavy.  Both the Big Dragon and ITW version are polymer two part mag holsters, using friction to hold the magazines inside.  A pair of elastic bands squeeze the two halves together, creating a nice tight friction hold on the magazine.

Source: Tactikal Photography
The Big Dragon versions come in pairs at varying prices depending on which outlet you buy it from.  Mine were about 15 USD a pair, with shipping from Hong Kong on eHobby Asia.  One of the two has a pair of tabs on it, for mounting into your PALS webbing to stabilize it.  Attachment to PALS is done with two rubber straps, that slide behind the webbing of your rig.  Simply weave the straps though your PALS webbing and connect to the hooks at the bottom of the pouch.  The front of the pouch features slots for stacking the second pouch on top of the first, this one without the PALS stabilizing tabs.

The fit with N-strike magazines is nice and snug, secure enough to carry them inverted with confidence.  I put loaded 18 dart mags into all four of mine and did jumping jacks and none of the four mags fell out.  Pulling your magazines out to load them into your blasters is as simple as grabbing the mag and pulling it out.  No fussing with flaps, toggles, or bungees, just a mag in your hand ASAP.  Loading them in is also quite easy.  Just line the mag up and push it in with a little force.

However, unlike Blastersmiths UK's 612 and 1812 mag pouches, these do not fold flat when emptied.  These are hard unforgiving polymer plastic.  Hard polymer plastic will punish you for daring to go prone upon it.  In that way these mag carriers are quite "un-nerf".

Overall I would say that I'm quite happy with these.  While I won't use them inverted on my M4 Rig, it was quite nice to be able to use them inverted on the army surplus FLC on which I tested them.  Jason, from BasicNerf and I have gone back and forth on Facebook a couple times about the virtues of different mag orientations in pouches.  I can say with confidence these carriers will work in which ever orientation you choose to use them.

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