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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Animal has been quiet... Too Quiet...

Hey guys, it's me, Animal. If you've forgotten about me I forgive you. It's been a while. I've been quietly at work behind the scenes building a new Gear Up! section on the website that will act as a compendium of Nerf compatible gear.

"What is 'gear'?", you ask? That's simple really.  It's everything that isn't your darts and blaster, that helps you carry and organize your stuff on the play field.  Some of it is made specifically for Nerf like products from Blastersmiths UK.  Other items are co-opted military and airsoft gear like what's offered at Airsoft GI.  And some of it is paintball equipment, with Nerf mags or hoppers stuffed into the pouches.  Each item is listed with information about price, a link to a review if one is available, and a link to where to get the item in question.  Each also receives a simple field readiness rating.  Items that are "Field Ready" contain everything needed to put it to use immediately, requiring nothing else not even something as simple as a belt.

Meanwhile I've also been communicating with a few gear makers to get custom gear made, get premade gear ordered for review, and talking to other content creators about how to continue making CBAS better, for each of our readers.

Edit: Rebound: Please, any suggestions on what you'd like to see, what direction you'd like us to go in, anything to make our few readers/followers happy


  1. Would it be possible to make the field ready portion of the Gear Up database a column instead of a row? Since all you need is a max of 3 letters, it seems like it would be better suited that way, and make the database take half as long to scroll down if looking for certain things.

    1. Was looking at that.. that would necessitate horizontal scrolling though, and wouldn't eliminate the description of what is missing. Blogger can be sort of limiting like that. I COULD have the submission link embedded in the spreadsheet itself, as well as a color code for field readiness, and just display the spreadsheet raw instead of in the blog. I like having it in the blog though to have people poke around the blog. Come for the free donuts, stay for the coffee.

      Feel free to toss more ideas, especially if you're a better code monkey than I am.

    2. Definitely don't have coding know how, for some reason I thought it was just an image off excel and not actually coded in lol. Where you have it right now though is a lot better I think, it will feel a lot less daunting for new readers now that it looks half as long.

    3. Nope, it's the public viewing version of a Google Sheets spreadsheet. It only takes five minutes for changes at the sheet to propagate over to the DB page



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