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Friday, February 28, 2014

Gearing Up!: FASTmag

Source: Tactikal Photography
Greetings, boys and girls.  It's once again time for Animal to talk about gear.  In this case gear that holds your mags!

Today's piece is a pretty specialized magazine pouch, the Big Dragon 7.62 Fast Magazine Holster.  This mag carrier is a reproduction of ITW's FASTmag Heavy.  Both the Big Dragon and ITW version are polymer two part mag holsters, using friction to hold the magazines inside.  A pair of elastic bands squeeze the two halves together, creating a nice tight friction hold on the magazine.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gearing Up!: NC Star M4 Chest Rig

Greetings again Ladies and Germs.  Welcome back to the Gearing Up! series of articles, wherein Animal rambles and rants about gear.  Today I will be talking about the NC Star M4 Chest Rig, a piece of tactical gear that I discovered through a Facebook friend.  Though this NC Star designed this piece with M16 and M4 users in mind, my friend uses it for her AK type airsoft rifle.  As some of you may know pouches that fit AK47 magazines will pretty likely fit Nerf N-strike magazines as well.  With this in mind I decided to grab this piece of gear to try out.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Animal has been quiet... Too Quiet...

Hey guys, it's me, Animal. If you've forgotten about me I forgive you. It's been a while. I've been quietly at work behind the scenes building a new Gear Up! section on the website that will act as a compendium of Nerf compatible gear.

"What is 'gear'?", you ask? That's simple really.  It's everything that isn't your darts and blaster, that helps you carry and organize your stuff on the play field.  Some of it is made specifically for Nerf like products from Blastersmiths UK.  Other items are co-opted military and airsoft gear like what's offered at Airsoft GI.  And some of it is paintball equipment, with Nerf mags or hoppers stuffed into the pouches.  Each item is listed with information about price, a link to a review if one is available, and a link to where to get the item in question.  Each also receives a simple field readiness rating.  Items that are "Field Ready" contain everything needed to put it to use immediately, requiring nothing else not even something as simple as a belt.

Meanwhile I've also been communicating with a few gear makers to get custom gear made, get premade gear ordered for review, and talking to other content creators about how to continue making CBAS better, for each of our readers.

Edit: Rebound: Please, any suggestions on what you'd like to see, what direction you'd like us to go in, anything to make our few readers/followers happy

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Click Click BAMF: Extreme Indoor NERF - Dart Warz

Click Click BAMF: Extreme Indoor NERF - Dart Warz: Warriors, a couple of weeks ago we got a great tip from @thelomdr on twitter. I had heard rumors of a NERF arena in Colorado, but hadn&#39...

I want one!

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