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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gearing Up! Time To Slap Leather, Boys!!!! BlasterSmiths UK's MK III Holster.

Too young for that, huh? How bout "DRAW!".  Today I'm reviewing BlasterSmith UK's MK III Drop Leg Holster for CS blasters.  So, upon receiving this holster, I filled it with my Stryfe, adjusted it, and threw it on my Service belt (standard heavy duty 2" duty belt). First note, the thing needs a bottom retention strap like the MK II holster does, so you can adjust how deep the blaster sits. Second note, this would be better if it was stiffer. some thermal bonded sizing inside would do a lot (this one's my personal opinion).  <<continued after the break>>

I putzed around the apartment wearing it, and it stayed SOLID. Did NOT move unless I moved it around. Unlocking and drawing was very quick, smooth and easy, and very satisfying. Reholstering, not so much. I had to tighten the lower blaster retention strap so much to hold it where I wanted it securely, making it difficult to reholster, and the material is, as I noted above, not very stiff.  Now, I must point out that reholstering is not a big deal to most of the NIC, but I actually do weapon transitions, long gun to pistol, and back. (I've also successfully used the Mozambique drill on a zombie, but that's neither here nor there).

The thing weighs NOTHING. Without the blaster, you don't even know it's there. Its an AMAZING option for carrying a secondary (or two, I also switch shoot). It will carry it as far as you want it to, and it'll stay where you put it, and when you do switch to it, it will NOT slow you down in the least.

Now, my suggestions:

  1. Add the bottom retention strap, similar to the MK II
  2. Stiffen the entire holster. Either fusible Sizing, or, what I think would be better would be make the entire holster with the same process used on the mouth of it. First one would be cheaper, Second would make a better product, IMHO
  3. Reverse the leg straps so the buckles are in the front.
Now then.
High marks for comfort. The thing does NOT move once adjusted properly. With the buckles swapped (see point 3), It will receive a perfect comfort score. Moderate marks for functionality, because of the adjustment issues (point 1) and the difficulty of reholstering. High marks for compatability, cause it'll hang on any belt of less than 3 inches.

Comfort         4
Functionality   2.5
Compatabilty  5

I will also note that this is an unsolicited review. We did not receive free products, nor are we being paid.

And no, I aint dead yet...

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