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Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY: Buffdaddy's DIY-1

A little over a month ago, I won a giveaway in a Facebook group for one of Buffdaddy's prototype DIY-1 kits, for the purpose of writing a review. And now I've finally gotten around to finishing it or as close to it as possible.

Like IKEA furniture the kit comes with all the parts needed to build the working section of this blaster. You'll need to provide your own tools, adhesives, lubes, and make your own stock. The instructions on Buffdaddy's blog make it deceptively easy to assemble. Make sure to pay attention when the instructions tell you to test fit parts and assemblies! And make sure those washer seals are well lubed, since the Lube pulls double duty as a sealant.

I was unable to get what I would consider to be firing pressures from the tank assembly, though I was able to narrow my problem down to blow-by in the Over Pressure Relief Valve or the fitting it screws into before I had to lay it aside for other projects (keeping up my ruse of being a responsible adult). It may simply be that the OPRV is defective or needs an adjustment not listed in the instructions, so this should not deter you from ordering the kit. Building it was fun, and enlightening, particularly with respect to pump replacements made easy.

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