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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tactical Tag: Nerf'd

Tactical Tag: Nerf'd: So here's the story: Zook's fiance was coming over for lunch today and, so far, the morning hadn't gone quite as she had planned it so...  He did something adorkable and romantic

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gearing Up! Time To Slap Leather, Boys!!!! BlasterSmiths UK's MK III Holster.

Too young for that, huh? How bout "DRAW!".  Today I'm reviewing BlasterSmith UK's MK III Drop Leg Holster for CS blasters.  So, upon receiving this holster, I filled it with my Stryfe, adjusted it, and threw it on my Service belt (standard heavy duty 2" duty belt). First note, the thing needs a bottom retention strap like the MK II holster does, so you can adjust how deep the blaster sits. Second note, this would be better if it was stiffer. some thermal bonded sizing inside would do a lot (this one's my personal opinion).  <<continued after the break>>

Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY: Buffdaddy's DIY-1

A little over a month ago, I won a giveaway in a Facebook group for one of Buffdaddy's prototype DIY-1 kits, for the purpose of writing a review. And now I've finally gotten around to finishing it or as close to it as possible.

Like IKEA furniture the kit comes with all the parts needed to build the working section of this blaster. You'll need to provide your own tools, adhesives, lubes, and make your own stock. The instructions on Buffdaddy's blog make it deceptively easy to assemble. Make sure to pay attention when the instructions tell you to test fit parts and assemblies! And make sure those washer seals are well lubed, since the Lube pulls double duty as a sealant.

I was unable to get what I would consider to be firing pressures from the tank assembly, though I was able to narrow my problem down to blow-by in the Over Pressure Relief Valve or the fitting it screws into before I had to lay it aside for other projects (keeping up my ruse of being a responsible adult). It may simply be that the OPRV is defective or needs an adjustment not listed in the instructions, so this should not deter you from ordering the kit. Building it was fun, and enlightening, particularly with respect to pump replacements made easy.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gearing Up!: JT Paintball Ball Hauler

 Here I am once again! This time I bring you the “Ball Hauler” by JT Paintball. This device which has a name that conjures to mind a jockstrap is a simple belt mounted pouch with pouches for two 130 round Paintball guppy tubes. The pouches also fit two N-Strike 18 round box mags or one Vortex or Magstrike mag. The flaps will close over the N-strike mags, though don’t expect much overlap, ‘tis a near thing.

The pouches hang at the top of the belt with Paintball tubes, and a few inches above with N-strike mags. This is far more comfortable for use than the Dragonspine Belt System’s native pouch with the 18 round mags. The pouch also comes with a simple 2 inch web belt, and will fit over pretty much any 2 inch tactical belt.

As I was looking for suitable images for the article I came across images of an older model, with a single flap for both pouches. That pouch hasn’t been tested, the camo ones with individual flaps, in the clear plastic bag with the card at the top have. Just so you don’t go grabbing the wrong gear for hauling your junk around

Best part? The set is only 7 bucks at Academy. Expect similar prices online. Some of the best bang for the buck.

Comfort 4
Since it does extend above the belt with CS-18 mags,  positioning can be tricky.  In the wrong positions, the upper portion of the magazine can dig into you when you move.  Even given this I'm giving this item a 4 in comfort, because the pouches hold mags securely with little bounce and makes access easy with simple to operate flaps.  The included belt is best replaced with something padded, both for comfort and better load support.

Compatibility 5
Fits standard 2 inch tactical belts: Check.  
No awkward quirks about using it with Nerf gear: Check.

Capacity 5
For the money you won't find much else that can haul this much goodness into the field.  4 CS-18's, 2 Magstrike, or two VTX mags

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