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Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY: Dirt Cheap IFF patches

I was at Walmart browsing the craft section restocking my Velcro (I might have gone a little bit mad with power), then I spotted some colored outdoor gear patches, for patching raincoats, tents and the like.  It occurred to me that as easy as I had found it to add Velcro to things with fusibles, that I could probably make some team patches with those, by adding a little ingenuity.  After all the industrial strength Velcro I use has adhesive backing and so do the nylon patches.  All that was left was to attach them to my chosen battle apparel, which was easy, so I thought I would go ahead and make a tutorial of it.  For the tutorial I'm only making one color set of patches, but the process can be repeated to make as many color sets as you have material for!

1.  Gather your materials.  As with everything there are other ways to go about making these, but to make them the way I made them you will need:

6" self adhesive 2" width industrial strength Velcro for each color set of patches you intend to make.
1 roll of 2" width Stitch Witchery
1 pack multi color Bondex Pressure Sensitive Nylon Patches
1 garment to attach patches to (I used a hoodie)
Ironing Board
Cloth you don't mind potentially ruining

2. Cut Velcro into 3" sections, two for each color of patch you are making

3. Grab a nylon patch, and two sections of hook side Velcro.

4.  Remove backing from the nylon and the Velcro.

5. Carefully place Velcro sections on the nylon, sticky side to sticky side.  Use a rolling motion starting at one end of the Velcro to reduce air bubbles.

6.  Cut them out and throw away excess nylon.

7. You're done making the patches, repeat for other colors.  Continue for instructions mounting the loop Velcro to your chosen battle garment.

8. Grab your Stitch Witchery and your loop side Velcro!

9. Peel the backing off of your Velcro.

10. Slap your Velcro onto your Stitch Witchery.  Congrats you've just made iron on Velcro!

11.  Follow the instructions of your iron on adhesive to mount the Velcro about 2' below the shoulder seam.

12.  Slap a colored patch onto your chosen battle garment! Enjoy

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