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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Slick Kit: Rapidstrike Intelligent Fire Control

When browsing the Books of Faces I found a very interesting discussion in my feed, started by a member of the Corpus Christi Nerf Group, in another group entirely. How that ended up on my feed I don’t know, I’m not shy in my admission of not really knowing of caring how facebook works. I went many years without an account, and only got one when my roommates irritated me enough to get one. But I digress

The conversation started oddly enough, with the member asking if anyone had done a semi-auto conversion on a Rapidstrike. This of course was met with the sensible suggestion that the mod in question was called “Buying a Stryfe.” Beyond that the conversation turned more serious, with various ideas on how to achieve the goal. Most weren’t terribly productive until a fellow, that I would later find out I knew previously from a certain nerf chat room, suggested that he had access to an electronics lab and might be able to fashion such a system onto a PCB using a timer and MOSFET.

I was now paying attention. Someone sounded like they knew what they were talking about, and dammit I was going to keep reading. As I continued discussions came up of using this system, on a PCB with a 3d printed switch cap, to give the Stryfe’s big brother selectable fire modes (Safe, Semi, Burst, Full Auto). He also made mention of the fact that such a PCB would require minimal soldering skills. Hooray for easy added utility!

Now I had to have one, and I don’t even own a Rapidstrike! So I contacted him via Teh Facebooks to ask for more information. Turns out that he could make such units for around 40 dollars (his number plus some padding because I like to be conservative with numbers) "dependent on volume", but had not yet in the less than 24 hours before I contacted him yet laid the PCB out so details could not yet be had. Those interested in the system can contact email him to inquire. I’ll be ordering one when the system is
ready, for installation into a friend's Rapidstrike, because I enjoy playing games more when my opponents are also well equipped.  I also like to fund good ideas.


  1. make that 2, or maybe 3. I need to contact him. this is exactly what we were discussing got the 'pede



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