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Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Direction? Future Plans?

Not Really. Some ideas Animal and I have been knocking back and forth are going to be going into effect. I figured i'd clue our TWO followers and few readers in.

Something I've been thinking about for a couple of months now, and Basic Nerf just sorta put boot to butt to get me to make the change. As of this moment, this blog will also be covering other things. Currently, Shooters, specifically Co-Op. Ultimately, i'd like to see a "what can we take away front his and apply to our Action Sports Games. But between Cash flow issues, Hasbro's glacial release schedule, and work (Animal and I both work full time, and Yaz's schedule is always crazy, especially with Black Friday and Christmas coming up), we just don't have enough material to keep up.

Also, we're going to be getting some promotional items out to help support the blog, and hopefully, get a related business off the ground. He's working up something with Cafe Press, and we're designing a logo to be used for other things, like Ranger Bracelets (also called Survival Bracelets) and Keychains.  Once the business is up and running, part of the proceeds for that will be going, directly or indirectly, back into the blog as well.

Also, please folks, Give us your ideas. What do you want to see? What do you want to hear about? More Mods? more Reviews? what of? I'll get Animal to set up a page to submit ideas.

And Finally, our insane little family will be growing again. She'll get her own intro post later on, but we will shortly have an official Blaster Glamour Girl. Be nice, guys, she's my little sister (adopted), and she's almost as important to Animal and Yaz.

Just Touching base with people.

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