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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Chea-- I mean Cheer!

With the Holiday season coming upon us with ominous certainty like a zombie horde, I figured I’d share a little info on how to save yourself a little bit of cheese on your gear. Not quite the same as shiny new blasters under the tree or what ever you do, but you’ll appreciate it when having quick access to your mags keeps your brain from being under the the Christmas tree of the undead.

If like me you have been doing a lot of online shopping to find gear that fits our big orange magazines, you’ve noticed that you can’t seem to get everything in the same place. That’s okay, the marketplace wasn’t made for us.

Those of you who remember my Golem and Dragonspine reviews will remember that I got them through Airsoft GI. These items and more can be had for 20% off during the holiday season with coupon code “holiday20”.

And more recently I reviewed a pair of holsters from Evike. Both of these units can be had for 25% off using coupon code “epicdeals”.

Right now I don’t have any further recommendations, but I will list deals pages for other sites below.
Airsoft Megastore is running a Fall clearance sale till the 30th. Could net yourself some cheap gear.

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