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Friday, November 22, 2013

For a Few Dollars More...

Yes, I know, the title of an old spaghetti western is a cheesy title for a blog post on a comparison of the two most recent model revolvers of the Elite generation. I could have gone with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but that is so very cliched by now.

A few months ago, a pair of new blasters came onto the market with relatively little official fanfare, but much anticipated and one of them much talked about by the community that likes to get their undies in a twist about anything remade in pink. These blasters of course are the Hammershot and the Sweet Revenge, both part of new sub-lines launched in 2013, Zombie Strike and Rebelle respectively.

Each uses the same mechanical system, dropped into a different shell and given a hammer and trigger to match the style of the shell. In this way each is as good as the other mechanically, allowing for single handed operation. Duel wielding is nothing new to Nerf revolvers, whether you’re using lanyards to prime a pair of Mavericks, or the spurs on the bottoms of a pair of Strongarm’s grips to cross prime them. Single handed operation however is a new and welcome feature,, especially for those of us using them as secondaries. Each is fully ambidextrous with their open front cylinders, something the Strongarm couldn’t boast.

Source: Foam From Above
The Hammershot looks quite tough, like a weapon made after the end of the world as we know it should, but could easily do the part of a sidearm in a Firefly-esque future, a future where one lives and dies by the gun on their hip. And to its credit operation is smooth and accurate, and its weight is satisfying in the hand. It can also be made to fit into a Matrix or Condor Universal Tornado Tactical holster, though it pushed my Matrix to the limit of its capacity and gets some minor snags as its drawn. The Matrix is offered in left and right hand models.

But, for a few dollars more, the Sweet Revenge offers the same performance and accuracy, in a lighter, slimmer, smoother package, and comes with a holster. Admittedly it’s a cheap, plastic holster and only right handed, but it is in fact a holster that is guaranteed to fit the blaster. Guaranteed good fits are few and far between, and the belt clip will fit just about any battle belt up to a two inch. For those not satisfied with the plastic holster, or who want to carry their backup some place other than their belt, the Sweet Revenge fits into the same Universal Tornado Tactical holsters that the Hammershot does, but does so more easily and with no snagging when the blaster is drawn. The grip is however a little smaller, a small difference that seems to fall into the background once you begin firing the blaster in earnest.

For a few dollars more, the Sweet Revenge is also easier to paint. The handle can be removes and painted separately or not at all, and the blaster body’s rounded shapes make it quite easy to sand, leaving none of the Hammershot’s deep crevices to worry about sanding or painting. My experience in painting the Pink Crush, with its similar construction was nothing but pleasant, though ruined by my own over exuberance to get the pistol assembled to show off.

Both are great blasters, but if you intend on carrying it as a sidearm, in pairs, or are just simply left handed, the Sweet Revenge is the better buy.

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