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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Condor MA2 Ammo/Dump Pouch

Source: Airsoft GI
Friends, Nerfers, Airsofters, countrymen, and those more distant than that, lend me your ears, for it it once again time that Animal got off his duff and wrote something. Or according to the lady that runs the counter at my local surplus store, bought something. I didn’t think that such a bad idea, since I had found a couple items I figured might be useful. Their prices are a little inflated, but the inflation is less than the cost of shipping, and I get to walk away with the product immediately instead of aggravating my compulsion to stare at package tracking pages obsessively.
So I grabbed a Condor Shotgun Reload Pouch and a Condor MA2 Ammo/Dump Pouch. I’ll talk about the shotgun pouch later, it’s an interesting piece, but not the kind of thing everyone can use near universally. The MA2 is that sort of thing.
To start with the MA2 Ammo/Dump pouch is as you might have surmised from the name, a dual purpose pouch. If one uses it as a dump pouch it can hold about 4 M4 size mags, and about the same for 6 round N-strike mags. Included with the pouch is a pair of elastic lips that attach with eight snaps to the opening of the pouch, making it quite secure for use as a dump pouch. Your mags simply will NOT bounce their way out.
Source: Airsoft GI
Additionally it can be used to carry some extra mags in bulk. I lack any M4 mags to check, but I’d estimate you could safely stand up five or six of them in the pouch and access them easily by removing the elastic lips. When I tested the same thing with N-strike six round magazines, I was able to stand five of them up with no problems, easily able to pull them out with my improvised mag-pulls. The pouch is deep enough and the flap long enough to accommodate N-strike 12 round magazines, though I don’t have five of them to demonstrate with. It will not accommodate 18 round mags as they are too long.
Alternatively one can simply pile loose darts in the pouch, or gas and BB’s in the case of airsoft, to allow for reloading of mags in the field or to supply ammo for a pistol or other blaster that uses loose ammo. Just grabbing handfuls of darts and dropping them into the pouch, I was able to fit about 50 darts in, without any crushing. I suspect I could fit about 70 in there if I took the time to stack them.
I currently wear this pouch, while I evaluate it, on the right hand side of my Gryffon Golem chest rig, which places it under and just slightly forward of my right arm, something that I thought would be far less comfortable than it actually is. since the pouch isn’t too tall I can easily reach into it with my right hand and grab ammo. I also expected it to get in the way of arm movement, but it doesn’t, it just hangs there unassumingly until needed since one seldom tries to stand at attention per se while wearing thier gear.

The pouch is easy to open and close on the fly, easy to retrieve mags from and easy to put mags into via the elastic lips.  It's compact enough to not get in the way with it isn't needed.

Plenty of room in the pouch for a few mags and good as a dump pouch, awesome for storing loose ammo or utility items.  Seven CS-6's, five CS-12's, five VTX-10, three Magstrike, 100/70 N-strike Elite Darts(stacked/loose) 100 Vortex Disk (loose).  Won't hold 18 round N-strike mags, but there are pouches out there for those that would be better suited.  Great for airsoft players, or Nerfers using a small mag high mobility set up.

PALS webbing is fully MOLLE compliant, holds ammo, small mags or utility items quite handily.

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