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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Condor MA2 Ammo/Dump Pouch

Source: Airsoft GI
Friends, Nerfers, Airsofters, countrymen, and those more distant than that, lend me your ears, for it it once again time that Animal got off his duff and wrote something. Or according to the lady that runs the counter at my local surplus store, bought something. I didn’t think that such a bad idea, since I had found a couple items I figured might be useful. Their prices are a little inflated, but the inflation is less than the cost of shipping, and I get to walk away with the product immediately instead of aggravating my compulsion to stare at package tracking pages obsessively.
So I grabbed a Condor Shotgun Reload Pouch and a Condor MA2 Ammo/Dump Pouch. I’ll talk about the shotgun pouch later, it’s an interesting piece, but not the kind of thing everyone can use near universally. The MA2 is that sort of thing.

Part II - Molle and Pals - A Triumphant Ending - Sun Mountain Dojo

Part II - Molle and Pals - A Triumphant Ending - Sun Mountain Dojo:

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Molle and Pals - A Tragic Beginning - Part I - Sun Mountain Dojo

Molle and Pals - A Tragic Beginning - Part I - Sun Mountain Dojo:  Just a fun little story i found while looking around and researching.  Was actually looking for a place that I could buy PALS panels to sew or bond into other gear for organization.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

For a Few Dollars More...

Yes, I know, the title of an old spaghetti western is a cheesy title for a blog post on a comparison of the two most recent model revolvers of the Elite generation. I could have gone with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but that is so very cliched by now.

A few months ago, a pair of new blasters came onto the market with relatively little official fanfare, but much anticipated and one of them much talked about by the community that likes to get their undies in a twist about anything remade in pink. These blasters of course are the Hammershot and the Sweet Revenge, both part of new sub-lines launched in 2013, Zombie Strike and Rebelle respectively.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Direction? Future Plans?

Not Really. Some ideas Animal and I have been knocking back and forth are going to be going into effect. I figured i'd clue our TWO followers and few readers in.

Something I've been thinking about for a couple of months now, and Basic Nerf just sorta put boot to butt to get me to make the change. As of this moment, this blog will also be covering other things. Currently, Shooters, specifically Co-Op. Ultimately, i'd like to see a "what can we take away front his and apply to our Action Sports Games. But between Cash flow issues, Hasbro's glacial release schedule, and work (Animal and I both work full time, and Yaz's schedule is always crazy, especially with Black Friday and Christmas coming up), we just don't have enough material to keep up.

Also, we're going to be getting some promotional items out to help support the blog, and hopefully, get a related business off the ground. He's working up something with Cafe Press, and we're designing a logo to be used for other things, like Ranger Bracelets (also called Survival Bracelets) and Keychains.  Once the business is up and running, part of the proceeds for that will be going, directly or indirectly, back into the blog as well.

Also, please folks, Give us your ideas. What do you want to see? What do you want to hear about? More Mods? more Reviews? what of? I'll get Animal to set up a page to submit ideas.

And Finally, our insane little family will be growing again. She'll get her own intro post later on, but we will shortly have an official Blaster Glamour Girl. Be nice, guys, she's my little sister (adopted), and she's almost as important to Animal and Yaz.

Just Touching base with people.

Gotta Bounce:

Hasbro: Just Missing the Goalposts

The below is a guest post written by our friend in Houston, JP Roth.  Editting and formatting by Animal.

Lately, Nerf has been on a bit of a roll when it comes to the more “casual” games. While they are never going to be able to compete with homemade blasters, things like the Rapidstrike, Stryfe, and Elite Alpha Trooper have been very well-received by the HvZ crowd and presumably by Nerf’s traditional target audience as well. It’s very easy to say that, outside of the fiasco that is the unfortunate Centurion, Nerf has never been better.

Not that Rapid Strike, the other one
Source: SBNC
And yet, they still have managed to fail to adequately address one vital area of, well, Nerf (foamsports, HvZ, RvB, what-have-you) that has left people spending money elsewhere. Hasbro would undoubtedly like to increase their profits, which makes this lapse even more baffling. I’m talking about “gear” and accessories here, people.

(Author’s Note: It should be made blatantly apparent that virtually none of this applies to NIC-style wars, where actual Nerf-brand products don’t feature much if at all, and where a single pump-action hoppered primary is really all a player will ever need barring breakages.)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Chea-- I mean Cheer!

With the Holiday season coming upon us with ominous certainty like a zombie horde, I figured I’d share a little info on how to save yourself a little bit of cheese on your gear. Not quite the same as shiny new blasters under the tree or what ever you do, but you’ll appreciate it when having quick access to your mags keeps your brain from being under the the Christmas tree of the undead.

If like me you have been doing a lot of online shopping to find gear that fits our big orange magazines, you’ve noticed that you can’t seem to get everything in the same place. That’s okay, the marketplace wasn’t made for us.

Those of you who remember my Golem and Dragonspine reviews will remember that I got them through Airsoft GI. These items and more can be had for 20% off during the holiday season with coupon code “holiday20”.

And more recently I reviewed a pair of holsters from Evike. Both of these units can be had for 25% off using coupon code “epicdeals”.

Right now I don’t have any further recommendations, but I will list deals pages for other sites below.
Airsoft Megastore is running a Fall clearance sale till the 30th. Could net yourself some cheap gear.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blastersmiths UK, Development Blog: First Look: MkI 'Juliet' Tactical Vest

Blastersmiths UK, Development Blog: First Look: MkI 'Juliet' Tactical Vest: Mike gives us a first peek at the much whispered about Juliet LARP plate carrier.  I've been looking forward to this system since I first spyed mention of it on the Blastersmiths UK blog months ago.

Juliet will be available for purchase Nov 27

Saturday, November 16, 2013

BSUK switch upgrade kit, explained!

The well spoken and technically gent from Foam Data Services, tries out Blastersmiths UK's Rapidstrike switch upgrade kit, and explains the proper wiring of this kit high performance kit.

Things are starting to get exciting in the Rapidstrike accessories field!

Click here to get your own Rapidstrike switch upgrade kit!

Slick Kit: Rapidstrike Intelligent Fire Control

When browsing the Books of Faces I found a very interesting discussion in my feed, started by a member of the Corpus Christi Nerf Group, in another group entirely. How that ended up on my feed I don’t know, I’m not shy in my admission of not really knowing of caring how facebook works. I went many years without an account, and only got one when my roommates irritated me enough to get one. But I digress

The conversation started oddly enough, with the member asking if anyone had done a semi-auto conversion on a Rapidstrike. This of course was met with the sensible suggestion that the mod in question was called “Buying a Stryfe.” Beyond that the conversation turned more serious, with various ideas on how to achieve the goal. Most weren’t terribly productive until a fellow, that I would later find out I knew previously from a certain nerf chat room, suggested that he had access to an electronics lab and might be able to fashion such a system onto a PCB using a timer and MOSFET.

I was now paying attention. Someone sounded like they knew what they were talking about, and dammit I was going to keep reading. As I continued discussions came up of using this system, on a PCB with a 3d printed switch cap, to give the Stryfe’s big brother selectable fire modes (Safe, Semi, Burst, Full Auto). He also made mention of the fact that such a PCB would require minimal soldering skills. Hooray for easy added utility!

Now I had to have one, and I don’t even own a Rapidstrike! So I contacted him via Teh Facebooks to ask for more information. Turns out that he could make such units for around 40 dollars (his number plus some padding because I like to be conservative with numbers) "dependent on volume", but had not yet in the less than 24 hours before I contacted him yet laid the PCB out so details could not yet be had. Those interested in the system can contact email him to inquire. I’ll be ordering one when the system is
ready, for installation into a friend's Rapidstrike, because I enjoy playing games more when my opponents are also well equipped.  I also like to fund good ideas.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Dart Zone: [Mod] Swarmfire Reliability

The Dart Zone: [Mod] Swarmfire Reliability: Up now: how to set up a Swarmfire rotation system to handle high-rate full auto, worn parts and adverse conditions without skipping a beat. ...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Gearing Up!: Holsters

Sorry this has taken a while to be written and offered up folks, been a busy few weeks. This week I bring a couple of reviews of holsters. When looking around for what holsters people use for their gear there was one name that kept coming up: Matrix Tactical Tornado Universal Drop Thigh Holster . Since I was looking for a solution to carrying my Hammershot, and had recently acquired a tactical belt from which to hang such a holster I took a chance on ordering a Tornado, as well as one other holster that was a bit more of a stretch, but would likely fit a particular blaster I had in mind.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gearing Up!: MOLLE Logic

The polite Canadian gents over at share a couple of the finer points of chest rig and vest arrangement.

Interestingly their paintball mags are of a similar size and round count to our dart mags!

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