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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gearing Up!: Gryffon Dragonspine tactical belt

And so children, gather 'round for it is once again time to regail your ears and eyes with another tail of product, ordered and tried. Ordered from Airsoft GI I did, a belt most frugal with which to keep my gear secure(d). When in half a fortnight's time it did arrive, I was thrilled as my gear it did not spill.

Source: Airsoft GI
Alright, thats quite enough of that! As you clever folks have no doubt figured out by now I'm talking about the Gryffon Dragonspine tactical belt. Being a fan of vests and chest rigs I wasn't expecting much from this belt, manufactured by the same folks that make the Golem chest rig I previously reviewed and decided to make my own, after all it's a belt, not a rig.

The Dragonspine belt, available for the same 15 dollars as the Golem, is an adjustable nylon two inch gun belt. It comes with a pair of mag pouches of the same design as those found on the Golem, as well as a dump pouch, both fitted for two inch belts and equipped with drainage grommets. Adjustment runs from a bit too big for my bulky frame to hilariously tiny, by virtue of the sliding buckle and full length velcro adjustment.

Source: Airsoft GI
The dump pouch is a softer material than I have become used to, meaning that is does not remain open quite as I like, but simply reaching into the pouch before dropping the magazine compensates readily for that. If one were so inclined a black piece of stiff webbing or boning material glued to the exterior would cause the pouch to remain more open. The pouch is also shallower than the ones I've been using, so the 18 round mags don't fully fit inside without lifting the drawstring closure up over them.

The mag pouches, though of the same design as the ones on the Golem chest rig, are of a lower capacity, holding two magazines each instead of three. It appears that this is because the gussets of the pouches are just a little smaller. This is not neccesarily a bad thing, it's just different. Depending on the placement of the ammo pouch it can get a little un comfortable with 18 round nerf mags, but remained comfortable with 12's and 6's, though 6's will require a spacer at the bottom of the pouch and possibly magpuls to make them easier to retreive. as with the Golem the mag flaps are adjustable, removeable, and not long enough to cover 18's.

Source: Airsoft GI
Belt capacity is hard to judge, as it depends on how large you are, and how you want your belt arranged. Obviously a larger person will have more inches of real estate on the belt on which to put things, and more likely be comfortable with a heavier load on the belt. The thick two inch wide belt distributes what load I have put onto the belt very well. There is no PALS webbing on the belt but PALS panels can be purchased to put onto a belt.

And with the load distribution comes comfort. Since the belt covers very little of one's body it interferes minimally with body cooling, even when used in combination with a chest rig to combine thier capacity.

With 4 6 round mags, a holster for my Blue Crush, and a buttpack mounted to the belt AND my chest rig with 6 18's on, I found it very comfortable

Holds 4 mags, dump pouch holds at least 4 mags comfortably. Has plenty of room for additional belt attachments.

Hard not to give a 5 to somethign that holds our mags without modification, and adheres to the rather simple two inch belt standard.
Combined score 13

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