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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gearing Up!: Gryffon Dragonspine tactical belt

And so children, gather 'round for it is once again time to regail your ears and eyes with another tail of product, ordered and tried. Ordered from Airsoft GI I did, a belt most frugal with which to keep my gear secure(d). When in half a fortnight's time it did arrive, I was thrilled as my gear it did not spill.

Source: Airsoft GI
Alright, thats quite enough of that! As you clever folks have no doubt figured out by now I'm talking about the Gryffon Dragonspine tactical belt. Being a fan of vests and chest rigs I wasn't expecting much from this belt, manufactured by the same folks that make the Golem chest rig I previously reviewed and decided to make my own, after all it's a belt, not a rig.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gearing Up!: Tactical Performance Hydration Pack

Source:'s article on dehydration
Hydrate or Die. Seems a bit of an extreme way of reminding one to carry and drink plenty of water, but an accurate one. A frequent mistake of many varieties of athletes and/or people engaging in leisure activities such as hiking or camping is forgetting to bring with them an adequate supply of water. Whether this is simply because it never occurred to them that they would be without it where they were going or an innocent ignorance of the importance of keeping hydrated varies from person to person. It is not however a mistake often made twice because dehydration tends to be a rather unpleasant experience with symptoms that run from headaches similar to a hangover, to dizziness, fainting, and even if untreated DEATH. It's important enough that it is among the first things drilled into the minds of new military recruits and one of the last things ever forgotten.

Hydration systems range from pouches for water bottles, to canteens, to pouches and packs with dedicated water bladders and drinking tubes. I tend to favor the latter as hydration packs often have the additional utility of carrying additional stuff. That's more space to carry ammo for what ever type of game you are participating in, some food to sustain your energy for a long day in the field, some tools for maintenance, or even some video equipment to document your wacky adventures. All of that is generally held back out of the way while you do your work, held by straps that distribute the load over your body to minimize the impact of carrying it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tactical Tag: Mod it NAOW!! - HammerShot

Tactical Tag: Mod it NAOW!! - HammerShot: So I'm starting up a new Mini-Series for Tactical Tag.  These are videos that will be shot via my iPod "in the field" of mom...

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