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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Foam Vs....

A few weeks ago we had some guys join our Nerf Facebook group, specifically to cause trouble. Interestingly, this caused our most active night ever among actual established members, having more discussions than any day previous. So, Thanks for that!

This did however put to motion a series of thoughts in my chaotic little mind. There's no doubt that we here enjoy our tactical flavored Nerf games, and could we ever get games together with people who aren't dickbags we would enjoy airsoft as well. I thought about the barriers to entry, and perks of foam over airsoft, and vice versa. Then I realized it had nothing to do with that.

It should be said again, at this point, that this article isn't about the superiority of one over the other, but a little about why I like Foamsport, and why Airsoft draws so many immature douchebags. Sadly if you're in the airsoft community you probably know the people I'm talking about. Chickenhawks, Mall Ninjas, guys that never served a day in their life, but think play soldier as if it wasn't a game. Not all MilSim players, just the ones that insist that there is no other proper way to play...

It occurred to me that it was really about peer pressure among other things. To then Foamsport is "childish" and something to be put aside at a certain age. I wold argue that it's "silly" or "goofy", just other brands of fun. We are after all playing with toy guns, as are they. The guys Nerfing just aren't pretending that what they are doing is NOT silly.

Put another way, we're adults having fun any way we choose. We're not, in many cases, in the military, in a warzone. And that's okay with us. It's goofy as hell, and that's what makes the "war stories" told afterward that much more awesome. The stories told afterward are so absurd that one cannot help but laugh at what someone happening by would think.

Anyone else got any war stories to tell?
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  1. I agree whole heartedly. I love airsoft, I also love nerf. Both of these hobbies have their own wonderful things about them. I am a United States Marine, and I enjoy both. People arguing whichbis better is pretty damn stupid.

  2. You know what they say. Growing old is inevitable, growing up is a choice.

  3. :3 i have to say that i love Nerf and letting the foam fly as far as it can and to see how far we can extend our reach on these blasters o-o and i have indeed considered getting a realsteel airsoft gun :3 again just to practice with. i do the same with my nerf guns there alot of fun course considering my mother was a Navel armory tech for her last 10 years she also was a mineman :3 aka built tiny things that made big things go boom and go glug glug X3 and she a small arms instructor was only 5'5" X3

  4. Im old, and I love nerf. Ive played paintball and airsoft, both were expensive and Id travel far to a field, I would still love to play these games but Nerf is much more accessible and affordable fun. Sure it can get expensive but I have a full arsenal compared to just owning one paintball marker or top notch airsoft gun. I love that fact that I can go to the park with my family and friends and start running games and that I can collect my ammo and reuse them by the end of the day. Respect to all the paintballers, airsofters and Nerfers....have fun and be safe.

  5. Thanks for the support on this article, guys. We seldom get any feedback, so I was especially glad to see feedback on this particular article.



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