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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zombiestrike Sledgefire, From a different angle

It's been a few weeks since the Sledgefire hit shelves stateside, so i thought it was time to finally sit down and try to put my thoughts on it to text. My opinion on it is rather multi-facetted as I will lay out over the course of this article, presuming of course I can keep my mind on track.

It bears mentioning that the wars i participate in are not the usual fare of most of the NIC, a group to which re refuse to be lumped despite multiple claims that simply blogging on Nerf makes me a member. The types of situations found in indoor tactical style games appear in no other form. In humans Vs Zombies you can come close, and it would only really apply in the early stages of the game, when zombies are few and shooting one effectively eliminates the threat if only for a short time. Popular wisdom that this blaster is utterly worthless in the face of a slavering horde of undead intent on feasting on your delicious brains is rather on the money.  It should also be said that we use a two hit elimination, not a single hit, as it encourages harder fighting.  In that light the benefits of a multi-dart blaster become quite obvious, as hitting someone with two or more darts is an instant elimination.

It is in such games that the Sledgefire finds its place, as a weapon for ambushing of one person to eliminate them from the field of play. It should be noted however that as with all other forms of play that the limited number of shells, and thier less than speedy reloading, makes for a weapon that should be used with discretion with a more conventional backup weapon. Pop around a corner, eliminate opposition, drop it to your sling and draw something else. Reload between encounters.

Lack of availability of extra shells does hurt the utility of this blaster, but I have found with the Barrel Break's dart carrier mounted to the rail, reloading the shells placed in the stock is easily done on the move. Keeping darts handy in that carrier will make your life far easier in the absence of refill packs.

On a more fun note I've found this thing nearly impossible to NOT twirl on reloads. It's just so well balanced and snaps shut so cleanly. It is impossible not to feel like a bonafide badass, even if you don't look it with your blue and orange blaster. Of course in practice with it on a sling it's impossible to twirl it, so your mileage may vary.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

GearingUp!: Battle Ready on a Budget

A little over a week ago I had an idea, inspired by Basic Nerf's review of the Condor chest rig he had been using. The idea of course was to do more reviews of airsoft gear re-purposed to Nerf, with an eye toward budget. With that in mind I laid out a couple standards for myself: the complete kit must of course with little to no modifications hold Nerf Magazines, and must be reasonably priced to get a new player out into the field with one blaster and a reasonable number of mags, with gear for 100 US Dollars (not counting shipping), the gear should also be able to accommodate an expanded load out of at least four magazines, with little to no modification.

For instance a Stryfe (20), 3 18rnd mags (30), 30 darts to account for dart loss (10). That leaves 40 bucks for ways to carry that gear. I wasn't expecting a lot for those prices, but I was surprised what a quick perusal of Airsoft GI found me.

So what was the first thing I ordered? Read more after the fold.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Foam Vs....

A few weeks ago we had some guys join our Nerf Facebook group, specifically to cause trouble. Interestingly, this caused our most active night ever among actual established members, having more discussions than any day previous. So, Thanks for that!

This did however put to motion a series of thoughts in my chaotic little mind. There's no doubt that we here enjoy our tactical flavored Nerf games, and could we ever get games together with people who aren't dickbags we would enjoy airsoft as well. I thought about the barriers to entry, and perks of foam over airsoft, and vice versa. Then I realized it had nothing to do with that.


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