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Monday, August 26, 2013

So, Pistols...

I bought some new ones. Not really big news but i thought I'd toss out some opinions on them, since I haven't written anything new in a while. I wanted to write on the Rapidstrike but really didn't find it that exceptional, though i'm sure that is going to draw some ire from all of our one readers. I would refer those readers to THIS article wherein I discuss how the Rapidstrike isn't really a game changer.

Zombie Strike HammerShot/Rebelle Sweet Revenge

I've been looking forward to this pistol for a few months now. From the moment I heard about the Sweet Revenge (then known as the WildShot) I was dying to get my hands one one, for the sheer fact that I could fire it repeatedly with only one hand. One handed operation is rather important when you do they types of indoor wars that we do in hallways and the like, where one might have to open a door and still be free to shoot. The Stryfe never struck me as a satisfactory backup to my Stampede, being far too noisy and just a bit too bulky to justify. I am afterall not just a little bulky myself.
This week I got my hands on a HammerShot, and after tormenting my roommates with it for a couple days I must say it is everything I was expecting. It's comfortable to hold, easy to operate with your thumb or even fan the hammer. The Sweet Revenge version of this blaster seems to come with a holster, which in my opinion will give it a leg up over the HammerShot. For now I suppose it will have to live in my dump pouch.

DartTag SnapFire 8

When I spotted one of these at Toys 'R' Us, curiosity got the better of me, I snapped one up and unpackaged it when I got home. I love it. It handles Elite darts quite handily, and spits them out as quickly as one can squeeze its rather odd trigger. While it works amazingly well, and could in many respects be considered the better of both the HammerShot and Sweet revenge, firing it doesn't give the same tactile satisfaction that pulling the hammer back on the HammerShot does. It's a bit bulbous but the grip is quite comfy and it rests nicely in my rig's dump pouch, where I hope to never have to reach for it in a hurry.

Rebelle Pink Crush

While this blaster is without a doubt a re-shell of the Firestrike, the new shell design without dart holders molded in, and with the sleek smooth lines caught my eye enough to make me grab one. As i looked at the blaster I realized that the new shell's shape would probably fit into many common pistol holsters, and when I got the blaster back to my place of residence, and plopped the Pink Crush into my H&K USP's Blackhawk holster (size 5) it was a near perfect fit. The retention strap won't fasten, but that might be remedied by removing the strap, or readjusting it. You don't really need to worry about someone yanking your blaster out of the holster anyway, like you would with a real pistol. Since the end of my holster is open I can even carry it with a dart in the barrel!


This one isn't so new an acquisition. A few months back my roommates and I were at Walmart and decided to buy the 3rd roommate, and Non-nerf person a dart pistol just for fun. As DeadMan And I stood there considering the options between the Triad and the Firestrike, neither one of us could come up with a reason why the Triad wasn't the superior pistol. To elaborate, it is smaller, has comparable power unmodified (as we didn't expect this girl to modify her gear any time soon), stored just as many darts onboard, and could be primed and fired in quicker succession. Hence we got her the Triad, which we are planning on painting a very girly teal to go with her love of Hatsune Miku.

That's all folks!

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