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Friday, August 2, 2013

Science: FIELD TRIP!!!

So here I sit, again, bored out of my mind looking form something to write about and out of the blue, like an errant tennis ball to the back of the head it hits me. A few months ago I did an article, comparing the fire rates of various blasters for the purpose of debunking the claim that the Rapidstrike (which is out in the wild now by the way) in its stock for was faster than a well modded Stampede. This study turned out some nice empirical data, but also did so in a vacuum, only shining a light on one aspect of the blasters tested.

Somewhere in the next few weeks I will try to get some friends together to do a comparison of what I would consider Primary Combat Blasters. Tests will be done in a building with a few targets in tight quarters, to test rate of fire, ease of reload, range, accuracy and ease of handling. Some of these are very hard to test, but by having a panel of people run the gauntlet with a variety of blasters, hopefully we can come up with some interesting findings.

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  1. Im hoping I can get the RS voltage modded at least. Might be able to get all the cells I need to push the 'Pede. Have to use your charger which means I need a deans connector to build a pigtail with. Gonna run the magstrike on a nostalgia ticket?



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