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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guest Post: Mega Centurion

The below is a guest post written by our friend in Australia, Trent
About a week ago I was walking through the local shopping center after going to the bank and decided to swing by the Toy Kingdom that I passed, next to the Elite blasters I expected on the shelves were a few things that caught my eye. Firstly a Zing Bow double pack for $50 and below that a few UMBs priced around $30. Funnily enough also on the shelf was a Rebelle dart refill pack but no other Rebelle products, What really was unexpected though was the stack of Centurions for $80 each just sitting on the shelf 5 deep. Living in Australia means sometimes blaster release dates can be a bit weird (I am still yet to see a RapidStrike or Stryfe on the shelves near me) but here in front of me was a Centurion with my name on it.

After returning home I quickly tore the box apart and tried to assemble the blaster for a test fire and this is where I noticed a few issues.

The Mega darts themselves were out of round when I opened them to I had to insert Elite darts and roll them between my hands a few times to get them back into shape.

When I loaded the mag and tried to insert it I just couldn't get it to load properly, this turned out to be my fault and after reading the included instructions I found out that you had to move the Cocking Bolt all the way forwards instead of to the rear like traditional N-Strike blasters.

After a few test shots I got my first jam, I assume this was caused by a dart that went back to out of round to I quickly fixed it and went on with messing around. After getting a few more jams for what I assume is the same reason I decided to try getting the darts back to the proper shape more permanently, this was done by inserting Elite darts again and doing the rolling trick a couple of times a day while swapping the darts between a hot and cold room daily for the next 3 or so days which seemed to do the trick.

Now something that caught me by surprise was the bipod, everything I had read about the Centurion said that the bipod was really the best part. The issue with this is that the bipod really sucks...really, really, sucks. When I first attached it I found that it was floppy even without putting any weight on it. I figured a simple velcro dot would fix this no issues and it probably would if it were not for the fact that the legs of the bipod cannot hold the weight of the blaster. When you have it setup for horizontal shots the bipod is fine but the second you want to aim on an angle the legs collapse. Maybe I got a defective one but the blaster is quite heavy and the notches shallow so I doubt it.

Next the ergonomics, I am not a huge guy (5'11ish, average build) but I found it easy enough to prime 1 handed without removing my trigger hand but removing the mag is a little trickier, still possible but takes a little shuffling.

I won't bore you with range tests as they have been done elsewhere but I did find a way to slightly increase the accuracy. When loading the darts align the holes top and bottom and you will get less variance. after doing this the range and accuracy is around the same level as a stock Recon shooting streamlines. A bit of a let down but looking at what other people have been doing this will be easily remedied.

Overall my impression is that this is a fairly good blaster, nothing special but it will be a great base for future mods so I am hyped for that, After proper mods this will be a great companion to any RapidStrike/Longshot setup.

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