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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Document, Revisited

So.. This happened.  After a year in the abyss that is not the blog-o-sphere, A Gray House has returned to the land of the living like a less impressive cousin of a phoenix.  You may recall a previous post of mine, admittedly less even-handed than I had initially set out to do, highlighting a few of what I saw as potential problems for The Document.  Among that list was the lack of any of the secondary classes mentioned in the class document.  Shortly after I made that post, Gray House released those classes as well as his existing weapon class breakdown list.  And I'm here now to give my thoughts on these new classes.  The new classes are numerous, greatly varied and offer a variety of options to new players with not much experience, weaponry or ammo.


Medic is the first of the new classes added to the class document, and only the only one we coudl have predicted.  This is largely because Medics are mentioned specifically in the Assassin's skill information.  Medics find themselves under heavy restrictions to thier fighting loads, but are the best friend of anyone who likes to be in the thick of battle.  Medics can heal a single hit OR revive with a single hit once for each player.


Bladeslingers are a rather interesting type.  Ordinarily a player cannot use Melee and Ranged weapons at the same time.  The Bladeslinger can do just that, to make them a rather all situational build.  Additionally under the right conditions Bladeslingers gain 1 hit over the course of the round.  If you imagine yourself as a swashbuckling pirate or civil war era officer, this may just be for you.


I am afraid I don't quite see the use of this class.  These guys may dual wield shields, in addition to carrying a small pistol.  I see that someone with quick reflexes could stop a lot of darts with two shields, I just think that keeping the enemy on the defensive is more useful.  I would love to see this in action and be proven wrong though.


Vulture strikes me as a wonderful challenge and possibly quite a badass build for the right character.  Vultures start with an Assault class weapon, and ONE full mag.  Instead of getting ammo from thier leutenant, they must pick the bodies of thier kills for weapons and ammo.


Grenadier is the answer to the shield bearing classes of this game, by way of ballistic balls and ball launchers. In addition, like the Assassin's ability to throw darts, Grenadier may a few times a round throw Ballistic balls.  I am curious about this class in action, as I'm a bit taken with the new Koosh Ballistic ball launchers.


Melee beast!  May use shields, dual wield light melee or heavy melee weapons.  NO GUNS FOR YOU!


Extreme Weapon and Ammo limitations, in exchange for a suicide rush ability.  Perfect beginner class, due to beginner friendly weapon selection and low ammo limit.  Anyone who pulls off the suicide rush has the chance to be a hero to thier team.


  1. Howdy Animal. Thanks for the coverage! I can totally understand being underwhelmed with the Aegis on paper. In practice, however, they turned out to be remarkably useful. While they have a certain amount of offensive potential in being able to make a steady push forward before releasing a precision attack with either or both of their Stealth weapons, their greatest benefits are somewhat more subtle. They can safely draw a lot of fire, wasting away the resources of the opposing team. Even more useful is their ability to screen the assaults of their more powerfully equipped teammates, acting as a mobile, variable piece of cover that can shoot back at the enemy while their friends lay down hell. They can also be extremely tough melee opponents.

    Also wanted to mention that I accidentally deleted one of your comments instead of publishing it due to a crappy touch screen on my phone and/or not really being awake. The Doing It Yourself chapter (which focuses on the creation and use of custom gear), along with one that lays out the fundamentals of modding, another that explores alternate game types and rules changes, and a lot of other originally planned inclusions are still sort of sitting in limbo. They're not strictly necessary for play so I'm not really stressing over them, but they may yet make an appearance.

  2. We've been deconstructing your builds, to be honest. Needed a bigger sample though.



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