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Friday, July 5, 2013

Rebelle: Can't Please Everyone....

No matter what one does, someone will be unhappy with it. Possibly a bit misanthropic, but such has been my experience with life. Whether it be people with worldviews based entirely in nonsense, people who get their news second hand, the knee jerk reaction crowd, or those that miss the point completely. I'm not sure what Buzzfeed Staffer Ashley Perez is, but after reading her article railing against sexism in the new Nerf Rebelle line I thought it would be worth while to deconstruct and respond to the points in her article. I rather hate those who get their traffic out of sensationalism like radio pundits, and this is either that or I have massively underestimated Ashley's level of bat-shit crazy. Here we go folks.

Set to debut in stores this fall, girls can now look forward to playing with blasters of the “same performance” as the boy’s blasters.

Okay, if she dropped the quotation marks here I wouldn't have a problem with it. What we have here is snarky sarcasm ("snarkasm?") apparently based on nothing, but we will get into that as the article goes on. Ah the difference between journalism and "journalism". Actual journalists are expected to accurately source their images for example. Most of the images used in Ashley's article are from Neder Nerf, as is printed at the bottom of the images.

Girls will have a whole array of butt-kicking blaster options including: The “Heartbreaker Bow”…“Pink Crush”… and the “Power Pair,” equipped with two whole darts per blaster!  How many darts to the boys get? 25.  And the girls? Two.

Aaaand now you've gone off the rails. You were doing good there for a bit, maybe just a little more time with the training wheels on would teach you about logical fallacies, such as the Strawman, and the failures of comparing dissimilars to get your crowd whipped up. It ends up making you look like an idiot when you get fact checked.

For those reading my article without reading through hers first, she's using images comparing the Rebelle reshell of the Jolt (called a "Sneak Attack" Thanks MLD for actual research) to a Rampage and a Strongarm. This carries about as much weight as comparing a motorcycle to a full size pick up truck. Granted that Rebelle doesn't yet have a large capacity blaster, but large capacity rapid fire blasters exist and it's not like there's a guard in the toy aisle checking customers for testicles before allowing them to leave with existing Nerf product. This ill-fitting comparison becomes all the more clear with the Rebelle Wildshot in the starter kit image at the top of the article.
- Sneak Attack Jolt
Range ??? about 40 feet
No. Barrels 1 1
# Darts Incl 2* 2
*Based on twin pack no data available for individual
- Pink Crush Firestrike
Range 75ft 75ft
No. Barrels 1 1
# Darts Incl 4 3
- Wildshot* Strongarm
Range 75ft 75ft
No. Barrels 5 6
# Darts Incl 5 6
*Includes Hammer cocking system not available on any N-Strike Elite blaster

In addition to each blaster, girls can also buy these “collectible darts” which come in a beautiful cornucopia of pinks, purples, teals, and even a few blacks.
Oddly enough, the boy’s darts only come in a “non-collectible” standard color.

In addition to using a new dart type not yet released as the image for "one standard color", she fails to acknowledge the previous deco darts for the N-Strike line: 3 different kinds of camo for 3 different types of darts, Gear up darts, Whiteout darts, and Firefly darts. thank goodness for the Elite dart that is one type of dart that works in pretty much all Micro dart blasters. The same darts in different colors are what the author has her undies in a twist over. Source: Urban Taggers
Currently on Nerf’s website you can shop by two genders: “boys” and “both.”
At least now we can all get in on the fun, right?
Just make sure your bow is the right color.

And now we're gnashing our teeth over the non-representation of a non-released product line in gender listings. After looking through the "Both" category I found... some darts, one ball launcher and a bunch of football and basketball sets. Mind you those are intended demographics, as I mentioned earlier nobody's stopping girls or their parents from buying the existing products. In fact if you were already buying the N-Strike, Vortex, or Dart Tag lines, you're really not the target audience of this new line. The target audience is girls who are not ALREADY buying Nerf products.

Railing against the color of the blasters with photoshopped images of pink bows in the hands of heroines is cute, but does more to demonstrate that the use of pink on the blasters is only an accent. The blasters are mostly black and white. Maybe about 10% pink. Meh, I guess 10% is worth getting your undies in a twist over. If it bothers you that much email me, and I'll paint one any color you like just for you, Ashley.


  1. I did a post similar to all this "Rebelle Outcry" we're starting to see. Not saying I was a trendsetter by putting my 2 cents in, but it is interesting to see similar views coming out.

    1. I read your article, rather liked it and posted my first blog post as a response to it. Trick of the whole matter is that the group offended by it is NOT the intended audience. Hasbro is NOT telling their existing female customers to fuck off to the pink aisle like a good girl. They're creating a product to market to a demographic that buys in small numbers: parents of girls. Rebelle will be where those parents shop.

  2. Also "boys" are also getting collectible darts with the zombie strike line. Or at least non standard color

  3. I'm a female and completely excited by the Rebelle line. I can't wait for that hammer-action revolver blaster & the crossbow: they are darn COOL. I'm also happy that the Rebelle line will introduce more girls/moms/whoever to the fun of Nerf!
    On a side note, I could care two-flips about the color of any Nerf blaster since spray painting my own is easy & cheap.

    ~Jami, aka BionicBeauty on Twitter

    1. Thanks for sounding off! I didn't know we HAD any female readership when I wrote this article, so it comes as a pleasant surprise to find one that agrees enough to comment. Thanks not only for reading our blog but helping me feel like i'm not just shouting thoughts into a void.



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