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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Urban Taggers 2010-2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More zombie strike

Found this posted on SG Nerfs facebook page: this will be expanded on when I have a bit more time.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And our family grows...

BIG welcome to my very old friend Otto Blix of Studio 187. He's a game designer, among other things, and will most likely be posting things from that perspective. Hes also come up with something called "Rogue Chess", which I can totally see as a "prop" for larp, this being enough for it to be here.
Take a bow, Blix, And welcome to this insane little family of mine.

The Dart Zone: [Rant] Range test witchcraft.

The Dart Zone: [Rant] Range test witchcraft.: Jump if you want to read this. Warning: Science content, frustration, and criticism of the NIC mainstream inside.

Monday, July 8, 2013

So England has very small doors.....

A bit late but UK Nerf War finally sent me a photo of him with a good portion of his gear, along with his spanking new Rapidstrike.  Looks quite compact, and by his account works well with 4 Trustfires.  He's having feed issues with the clear mag though.  Other mags work fine, drums not so much.  More to come later.
British homes have tiny doors?

The Document, Revisited

So.. This happened.  After a year in the abyss that is not the blog-o-sphere, A Gray House has returned to the land of the living like a less impressive cousin of a phoenix.  You may recall a previous post of mine, admittedly less even-handed than I had initially set out to do, highlighting a few of what I saw as potential problems for The Document.  Among that list was the lack of any of the secondary classes mentioned in the class document.  Shortly after I made that post, Gray House released those classes as well as his existing weapon class breakdown list.  And I'm here now to give my thoughts on these new classes.  The new classes are numerous, greatly varied and offer a variety of options to new players with not much experience, weaponry or ammo.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Rebelle: Can't Please Everyone....

No matter what one does, someone will be unhappy with it. Possibly a bit misanthropic, but such has been my experience with life. Whether it be people with worldviews based entirely in nonsense, people who get their news second hand, the knee jerk reaction crowd, or those that miss the point completely. I'm not sure what Buzzfeed Staffer Ashley Perez is, but after reading her article railing against sexism in the new Nerf Rebelle line I thought it would be worth while to deconstruct and respond to the points in her article. I rather hate those who get their traffic out of sensationalism like radio pundits, and this is either that or I have massively underestimated Ashley's level of bat-shit crazy. Here we go folks.

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