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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick tip on night games.

In the realm of action sports, games tend to go anywhere... as long as the law isn't involved. This goes without saying, but sometimes, there are conflicts with scheduling times and good locations during the day are almost always barred from use at night.

Well,how can one get past these issues that come up, besides pre-planning with the group? There was a reason I mentioned the law earlier. Contact your local officials, usually a public relations officer at the local PDs. Down here in the city I'm in, we had an airsoft game be okayed by the reps at a relatively abandoned park due to the location and nature of the rules we use.

However, I'm not saying ,"Call the cops and ask 'HEY CAN I SHOOT OFF MY GUNS IN THIS AREA HUUURRR?' ". Sometimes, there are public events being sanctioned in areas that you could scout for weeks and it looks like no one will be using them... but end up being used the day your trying to do your event, like a parade or festival. Calling the correct people and getting proper information and clearence is the best policy in order to avoid things like, oh I don't know, arrests?

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