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Friday, June 7, 2013


Another week, another article that I'm frankly unsure where to go with. Another odyssey into the weird and wonderful world of action sports. This time I'm setting out to talk about something you should have but hope to never use: First Aid Kits!
Yeah, that'll do.

I mentioned before that a small bit of space in one of my rig's pouches was set aside for a minimal first aid kit. There's a good reason for this. Accidents happen. As with any sport of any kind, risks can be minimized with a little good sense, and a little equipment regulation, but accidents happen. This doesn't mean that no game should happen without an ambulance on standby, but simply that carrying a few items that won't majorly weigh you down can help deal with minor injuries, and help a little with more major ones.

Probably don't need an ambulance for that
Probably don't need an ambulance for that.

My entire kit fits into a space the same size as the space I set aside for my cell phone and weighs less than the phone. In it are a couple packs of analgesic disinfectant gel, some self stick bandages, some moleskin, a little gauze, a couple butterfly closures, and sanitary wipes. That and a little good sense should be enough to handle any cuts and scrapes likely to occur at games. You can buy this kit for about 10 bucks in the sporting goods section of Walmart, though more complete kits are encouraged. Mine isn't clearly labelled like it should be, and i'll be fixing that and adding some medical tape to the kit in one fell swoop. This is kinda important in the case that I'm the injured party. I want others to be able to find my kit.

If one wishes to play a medic, a more complete kit is encouraged, and pouches are made for carrying that gear. Portable kits are again available at Walmart, and already packed up to be nice and small for the purpose of including them into your gear. Possibly the most important part of your med kit though is something that everyone should carry with them these days. Just about everyone has a cellphone. Should something that is beyond the scope of what can be treated with some alcohol and closures, or something that just seems like it might be worse than it looks, you can call an emergency responder.

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