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Friday, June 14, 2013

Gearing Up! Spotlight: UK Nerf War

I write today to highlight a friend of the blog's loadout.  Today we turn our collective eyes toward our buddy UKNerfWar.  Like us UKNerfWar has a tactical sweet tooth, favoring the paradoxically dynamic play created by a play space comprised of existing static barriers.

Like myself UKNW is by no measure a small man, yet he confounds me with his love of rushing.  However thier rules are different.  Rather than our two hit elimination rules, they run single hit elimination.  Neither is better than the other, and they give very different play experiences.  For instance, "DoubleTap!" as we call it tends to dicourage rushing, as the two hit elimination encourages players to stand their ground.  However both lend themselves to tight teamwork, coordinated movement, and smart flanking.

At first glance UKNW's loadout is less than optimal, even by his own experience.  His weapons are fairly standard, a pair of drop thigh holstered Strongarms, and a slung Elite Alpha Trooper (lucky bastard).  Extra ammo is carried on his back in a rucksack, with magazines arranged to peek out the top so that he can reach back and grab one as neccesary.  The ruck however has its share of problems, with magazines shifting as he runs, falling down into the pack, making them a bit less available than he'd like at times.

The place this loadout shines however is that it allows UKNW's battle-buddy to resupply out of UKNW's ruck.  His battle buddy can also get into the pack and sort it out for UKNW, and grab a couple mags while he's at it.

UKNW is still searching and tweaking for a better way to carry his gear, and while his loadout leave things to be desired in individual player utility it does much to bolster his teammates and never leave him without someone covering his back during his suicidal rushes.

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