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Friday, May 10, 2013

"MilSim" and "Speedball"? Part 1

Hey everyone, (does anyone even care who I am?) Yaz here. Everytime I've personally heard someone bring up this topic of which is better and why, SOMEONE gets offended or takes it the wrong way. First thing, to be perfectly clear, is that these are play TYPES and not play GROUPS.

That said, what are the differences? Well, heres a brief breakdown.(Someone is going to throw a brick at me)

Military Simulations, or "MilSim", tend to be common scenario based games. Typically, people call them "war games" since its some form of epic stand off, some even have a story that is told every year. While it is encouraged to do things, like uniforms, gear, ect... it isn't always a requirement for these types of games. The main thing about a MilSim style game is there are commanders of teams, breaking down objectives to a squad or even a single person for the major win at the end of the day or scenario.

What is "Speedball"? This is a thrown about term, but its used loosely here to be more of a codeword for something other than MilSim. Speedball is generally things like Team Deathmatch, capture the flag or just flat out "Go flail swords akimbo at each other and see who hits someone first".  Most people,when they say Speedball, are refering to a game type that is two teams enter a field from opposing ends and just fire at each other while popping from cover to cover. Games like that last anywhere from seconds to about ten minutes, usually. Fun, exciting and simple.

There are groups out there over this big planet who take pride in saying, "We are a MilSim group! WE RULE!", and this is fine. However, when someone who has no clue what they mean by this hears it, they usually take it the wrong way and assume that they are classifying themselves as something that is not entirely correct. They are a group who play with MilSim rules. Nothing more to it than that.

Yaz out.


  1. Sadly it seems like with the Milsim crew you can't even go to a forum and ask about vests or dump pouches without soem condescending jackass deriding you for not using the plate carrier and ruck that go with that vest.

  2. We are a milsim group, because we actually prefer scenario play.



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