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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MilSim and Speedball- Part Two

Here we are for part two of this little informational piece on these two styles of play in the world of action sports. Here's a list of reasons why people like the two types, and the actual pros and cons that I've witnessed between the two.

MilSim Pros:
-Diversity in gametypes depending on how many players are present.
-Story driven option
-Perks systems (More on that in a second)
-"Class" style play (Think Battlefield)
-Depending on the field, you can actually use hybrid forms of play (Airsoft guns, NERF melee, paint grenades, ect.)

MilSim Cons:
-HIGH chances of cheating (or "Lack of Honor" as some put it)
-"Class" style play can be used AGAINST the players
-Stricter rules of engagements for safety concerns can lead to more accidents due to human reflexes.
-Unless there are refs on the field remaining unbiased, tendencies of arguements are higher in this style

Now, the perks system in MilSim style play is used by the team commanders to further engage the players to think on their feet versus just standing there shooting into the wind. These can be anything from simulated carpet bombs to getting an actual mortor system to deploy on the field. One field I've personally played in allowed a Tactical Osprey drop behind enemy lines that came complete with the ref using an LMG to simulate chopper cover for the insertion team. If you like big firefights with ALOT of people, MilSim is tending to be the style that dominates in terms of numbers.

However, that isn't to say Speedball isn't growing in terms of numbers or times it is played. Even here in South Texas, the MilSim groups still play speedball style to keep things fresh and everyone on their toes.

Speedball Pros:
-Less planning involved for fields to be in use.
-Less numbers required
-Rules can be agreed upon at game creation

Speedball cons:
-If not done well, people will get bored
-High number of people involved tends to over complicate the games
-Higher chances to lose items out in the field, resulting in possible theft or loss of item.

The last con on the list is possible in MilSim play, don't get me wrong. If your out in the middle of the jungle and you drop your phone, good luck finding it without having the ringer on full blast and a search party. However, in a typical speedball event, the field is small enough for people to trample over things that they will pick it up, pocket it and forget they have it. Its happened to Animal more than once with either weapons, gear or a combination.

Yaz Out.

1 comment :

  1. When did my stuff get snagged at a game? Only stuff I recall was the stuff loaned and not returned by wookie



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