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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gearing Up! Apex Weapon Systems Drop Thigh Mag Carrier

The year is 2010.  The place: Corpus Christi, TX.  My roommates and I have just begun going to Nerf-outs at a local church for some indoor action.  With exception of Deadman we're rocking Stampedes with Raider drums.  The full auto blaster rocks especially against the other local players there, the most up to date blaster in their group being a Swarmfire (which its user used to devastating effect).  There was however a problem with our blaster setup...
This is Bazookafied, who doesn't come to our games.  Notice, his lack of mags to carry around.  Our swarmfire user is a similar pants-wetting terror.

With the advent of the Stampede came Magazines that didn't carry well in a set of cargo pants, and at the time no solid solution existed for carrying my three 18 round mags.  Things were clumsily experimented with, like jungle taping them, putting a jungle taped brick of mags on a sling of its own, or even in my case using a lightly modified paintball guppy tube carrier, with extended velcro tabs.  Arguably the brick on a sling wasn't bad, and the modded guppy carrier was great except for its problem of making an already large man wider because the mags were far longer than the guppy tubes it was meant to carry.  This created a tendency to get caught on things and make noise when it was incredibly inconvenient.
Not great for N-strike Mags...

Fast forward to today.  Several industrious individuals with sewing machines  or other skills have begun making mag carrying solutions, spurred on by Nerf's release of individually purchasable 18 round mags.  And  then there's Marc of Apex weapon systems.  AWS specializes in making lightly modified and painted performance blasters for Humans Vs Zombies players.  AWS also makes a few handy pieces of kit for hauling your new found firepower about.  A couple months ago, and after many months of talking shop with Marc, I was lucky enough to grab one of his modified Rayvens off of Ebay.  Because I had expressed interest and he was clearing out his shop, he sent me a drop thigh mag carrier.

The Apex Weapon Systems Drop Thigh Mag Carrier is a simple affair, carrying a pair of 18 round Nerf Clip System mags, mounted down over the thigh, so as to be available while not impeding motion.  It is constructed entirely out of webbing and buckles, riveted rather than stitched together which makes it quite durable, and also convenient since by his own account Marc can break a sewing machine from 50 feet by just looking at it.  Adjustments are as spartan as the rest of the piece, which once fitted properly moves freely with the wearer.  The carrier attaches to the user's belt with a simple velcro loop.  Simply open the loop, slide it behind your belt and slap the loop closed again, adjust the thigh strap, and the carrier will stay with you quite deftly.  As mentioned before I'm a rather large gentleman, and found the fit of the thigh strap a little snug, though a simple extension strap could fix that.  I've had no problems with mag retention from it, though I've never had to dive prone, and could possibly see a single mag coming loose in such a situation.

While there are other carriers out there of higher quality AWS's carriers come in a a whopping low price around 20 bucks, are durable, adjustable and their simple construction means that they have few points at which they can fail.  Also in the works is a MOLLE/Static belt loop version for chest rigs or simple belt hanging.


  1. Nice loadout! Very very neat.

    As per your request for input, I use an RRV Tactical Vest, using elasticized molle radio pouches to carry 18's. I also use a Condor MA38 Drop Leg pouch with elasticized enclosure to drop empties and carry loose darts.

    On top of that, a molle water bottle pouch on a tactical belt for loose darts, as well as a modified UTG drop leg holster that can accept most small-framed blasters.

    I use a single point harness that connects to a shoulder mounted D-ring on my vest, for easy blaster stowage and retention.

    Developing the use of camera quick release clips for holster alternatives/quick gear loadouts. For your reference, most things designed for NATO 7.62 work perfectly with standard Nerf clips. Also developing a better molle-based storage system for PAK-D 12rd mags.

  2. I'd like to see what some people do to gear up out of common items. Like maybe satchels for ammo.



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