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Friday, May 31, 2013

Gearing Up! Airsoft part 2

Picking right up from where we left off last time, I mentioned safety should be a priority as well as affordability. In the realm of airsoft, there is one thing that is a NECESSARY to protect. Anyone taking guesses? That's right, its your eyes. In airsoft, battle situations can get so hectic that one errant BB gets caught in the wind and can blind someone to the point of disability (in a worst case scenario). Don't worry, there are plenty of options on how you protect yourself from those hazards.

Firstly, all of these options have one thing in common, being shatter-proof. What good is hiding something important behind shrapnel waiting to happen? As long as it is within ANSI Z87.1 standards, you'll be perfectly fine for (almost) any engagement in any field. Now, with those out of the way, here is a list of options that I have seen or heard of personally, with pros and cons respectively.
  • Full seal glasses
  • Goggles
  • Face Mask
Yeah, small list right? Well, the reason behind that is simple. If it doesn't cover your eyes on all sides, your still in danger and most fields will not let you play. Now, to the pro v. cons

Full Seal Glasses

Pro Con
Lightweight Easily able to fall off (unless with a strap)
Easy to find Easy to misplace
Easy to de-fog if it occurs Temptation to defog in mid combat
Usually cheaper Still able to break under certain situations

Last last con is something I've seen very recently, and unfortunately I was the one responsible for doing it to the other player. Having been using a recently upgraded sniper rifle, the round hit square on the bridge of his glasses and they literally snapped in half. I do not know the how, or why, but I do know he had taken several hits to the glasses before with this same set of glasses over a period of years. We chalked it up as wear and tear, but I'm listing it anyway. I personally wear glasses since they are lightweight and are easy to use. No complications at all right?


Pro Con
Always retained to your face Easy to fog up in high heat situations
Less chances to break on impacts Pressure from constantly snugging your head.
Easy to make a costume piece (see Con) Easy to make a costume piece (Riddick anyone?)

The last pro and con are listed because I've seen hilarity ensue from... lets say... "childish actions" taking part on the field from people who don't really like some people having fun with their gear. While highly enjoyable and encouraged to make statements with your gear, there are those who just don't see a point. So, playing to both parties on it and listing it as such above.

Face Mask

Pro Con
Full face protection Limited peripheral vision with some masks
Easy to keep track of Bulky in transport in comparison
Easily customizable "Costume" accusations bound to happen.

Again, last con is because of the said individuals from above. Not a real con for some, but others who want to just enjoy the game, it can be an issue. My advice? Just shoot anyone who gives you any lip about your choice in the butt and call it a day. As long as you have fun and your eyes are protected at all times, your good to go.


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