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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FoamSport! Red Vs Blue

As I sit here to write this the first thing that comes to mind is "where to start?".  The numerous form which FoamSport takes are great and varied.  I suppose I should note that I've never been to an "NIC War" if that can be said to be a unified thing at all.  I have watched videos of them, and for the most part outdoor wars as they are played in the videos I've seen strike me as rather unappealing affairs.  While I claim no extensive knowledge, the idea of a wide open field where victory comes down to blaster performance as the prime factor might as well be a target range.  Plain old indoor gymnasium or fellowship hall games strike me as bland, but not unpalatable.  I rather enjoy the use of cover and the teamwork necessitated by the space.  And that's what it boils down to for me.

I'm in FoamSports for fun and camaraderie.  Tactics and teamwork are the very things that make this sport appealing to me.  And when a game breaks out of a fellowship hall and into the property proper, with hallways doors and rooms making the playscape a varied thing is when I believe it comes into its own.  From here on out I'll be referring to this as Red Vs Blue (RVB) type play, in reference to Humans Vs Zombies (HVZ) .  The example that comes to mind most readily to me would be the indoor church wars that BasicNerf holds.  Roughly equal sized teams, either trying to accomplish an objective or eliminate the other team, or a mix thereof.

But what makes it a cut above?  The non-linear playscape with varied ranges and cover that necessitates smart movement and team coordination.  These elements force a team to either operate cohesively or be picked off by groups that move intelligently.  Our group mandates stock ammo, which at this time means elite darts.  With the decreasing returns of that dart, mean that new players with stock blasters can be more competitive than they ever could have hoped to be at an NIC war, and minimizes any damage to the interior of the church we play at.

The result is a relatively slow deliberate game, punctuated with periods of frenetic combat, and friendships proverbially forged in fire.


  1. Hey, thanks for featuring my game video in your post! I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to feature it. Nice little site you got going here so far. I'll be sure to visit it more often in the future.

  2. No problem at all! Thank you for recording the video, and being one of the inspirations for me to start writing on my friend's blog. We used to play in a church like you, till we took a dart to the knee. nah just kidding.



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