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Friday, May 31, 2013

Gearing Up! Airsoft part 2

Picking right up from where we left off last time, I mentioned safety should be a priority as well as affordability. In the realm of airsoft, there is one thing that is a NECESSARY to protect. Anyone taking guesses? That's right, its your eyes. In airsoft, battle situations can get so hectic that one errant BB gets caught in the wind and can blind someone to the point of disability (in a worst case scenario). Don't worry, there are plenty of options on how you protect yourself from those hazards.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Gear Up: Larp Edition

Ok, Yaz has Airsoft, Animal's got Nerf (partly because i've been concentrating on getting my kit together more than how to carry it), So, i'll take LARP.  Now, for those of you who aren't In The Know, LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role Playing.  White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theater, is an example, though I personally prefer Live Combat variants (it's more satisfying to hit someone with a padded stick than to play rock, paper, scissors with them).  Hmm, all this explaining makes me think we need to add a Glossary Page. Anyway, on with the article. We have some ground to cover, since unlike Yaz and Animal, i have to cover different genre's as well, though you can reference them for modern to near future stuff.  Also, this is all written from the point of view of being done in South Texas with all the heat and humidity that entails. Your milage and environment may vary.  Also, all images used in this article belong to someone else and are used without permission, and their use here is in no way intended to indicate ownership. I just sourced them from google.

Friday, May 24, 2013

YAY!! We Has Followers!!!

Sorry, im still a newb, so i get excited about little stuff, but i'm sorry, when someone as well known as Bazookafied and MLD shows up in my Followed list, i get a little giddy. Anyway, welcome, and hope you enjoy our View Askew (to borrow a Kevin Smiths company name)

Gearing Up! A trip to the surplus store

Here we are again, time for another article.  This time another in the Gear Up! series of articles, aimed at reviewing and recommending items to help player carry their gear.  This time, we talk about a couple basic items that make up my present loadout.

First up: Pouches!  Pouches are interesting things, coming in many many shapes sizes and uses.  Each has an intended use in their design, and each can be used in other interesting and unintended way.  However I believe the pouches being discussed today are being used in their originally intended method.  Both of them are made by Condor Outdoor.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gearing Up! Airsoft edition? Part 1

Sorry Animal, kinda stealing your thunder for this one. Airsoft gearing isn't any different than any other action sport. Yeah, that vest may look sexy, but can you really run that fully loaded all day without giving yourself a mild stroke? That rifle may be nice, but are you going to use it more than once? If your building up an arsenal so you can have a community cache, than ignore the rest of these ramblings.

Still here? Okay! First thing you'll need to look at is the dreaded "B" word in this day and age, budget. Do you spend the $400 for a really nice, epic gun that might just end up as a wall ornament or a paper weight since your afraid of dropping it? That same money could be used to gear yourself up with a decent rifle, a sidearm and even ammunition with spare magazines.

Secondly, you need comfort. I hear it now, "Yaz, what in the heck are you talking about?" Simple. If your barely pushing 5", don't try running around with a replica of a full sized anti tank rifle (as entertaining OR scary as that would be if you pulled it off).Look for a weapon system that fits how you move in any combat situation. Some people like using DMRs, some prefer carbines.
Myself, I'm more of a, "As long as I can sling or holster" type guy.

Thirdly, Use or role. Depending on how you play and where you play will factor into what style gun you get. If you live in a "frozen wasteland", you'll more than likely not want a CO2 powered weapon that is fully automatic. In that same token, if your playing out in the middle of a desert, you might want to reconsider using an electric powered gun for too long. In terms of role, being a support gunner using an MP5 style weapon system isn't going to work all that well UNLESS it is a back up weapon.

Got that all down? Sweet! Now for the fun part, clothing. Some teams or communities like uniforms, and thats fine (and even adds to the fun sometimes). My personal recommendation is keep it light and tight. You need it to breathe so you won't die of heat exhaustion, but you don't need it so loose that you can run the risk of your pants falling off or you becoming a kite if the wind blows. My personal loadout can change depending on what I'm planning, but for the most part I use a MOLLE belt rig system with drop leg holsters and shoulder holsters to keep everything in place.

In conclusion(for this installment anyway), have a plan and keep it simple. Budget it to fit what your wallet can handle or save up to get it to be multi-purpose. Without weapons, my rig set up costs about $80 after all of the modifications installed so I can use it for both NERF and airsoft.

Yaz out

Syndicated Goodness!!!

Some have asked for an RSS feed.  Ask and if within the power of the regional deity Animal it shall be done!!

Our RSS Feed  Can be found here while I work on integrating it into the sites widgets to make it nice and sweet and sexy 
RSS Icons are up and ready to serve!  Might get updated to a feedburner later, but straight RSS should do for now.
Also corrected the email links while i was at it.

Zombiestrike and Hasbro/Nerf Colusion/Conspiracy Theory: Or Advertising on the cheap

Recently, MyLastDart posted This. Apparently RandomShadow09 once again acquired an early release for testing. Follow the link for more info on that. What i'm posting on is this particular tidbit: MLD says, and i quote "I spoke to Hasbro asking when I might get my hands on it to review - they said that this is not an official release, nor should anyone have this at all. They were aware of the items being leaked in China and were investigating this apparent black market"..... Ok, now this has my bullshit meter going off. Now, before I go ANY further, let me state this:  I have NO INSIDE KNOWLEDGE, this is ALL WILD ASS CONJECTURE (tm) on my part, so the following is nothing more than MY OPINION!!! Also, I'm not claiming that any part of the NIC is knowingly participating in the actions. This is, again, opinion and conjecture, based on a kneejerk response to things that are happening.

I know some of you out there in the NIC are product/beta testers, and I know some of you might even be alpha testers.  We have a fair certainty that most, if not all, Nerf related blogs are being followed by the company. This, to me, Is a "GOOD THING" (tm) because we are, by and large, the audience with the most direct purchase input, if not the largest target audience . IE, most of us in the NIC don't have to ask mom and dad to buy me that toy, we go pick up what we want.

See, I'm wondering if Hasbro/NERF is looking for a broader sample. Or if this is simply a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, as events over the past couple years have shown can happen, and which will not be rehashed here.  I've been noticing a trend of "early release" or "unauthorized prerelease" lately in Nerf. Now, I haven't been into nerf as long as some, but I've been following it since N-Strike first came out. I miss my matched first release Mavericks dearly. But this "trend" has been getting stronger and stronger.  It's starting to smell rather strongly of collusion. This feels like officially unofficial testing. A Random Sample Backdoor beta group, so to speak.  These things are going out one door or another, and that means they're being put in a place where they CAN go out the door, and people are being given the opportunity to do so. 

In conclusion, while I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to all the new stuff that has been "leaked", the Zombie strike being at the top of my list, stylistically (the rapidstrike, tactically), This really smells of back room "Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Say no more" dealing with some executive out of the loop somewhere along the way. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, however. This sort of stuff, especially with the cloak and dagger, plausible deniability thing is SOOOOoo going to drive up interest in the line. They couldn't PAY for this sort of advertising, and, well, they're not. And i'll happily continue to pimp out one of my favorite hobbies for free, because, its no fun to Nerf alone, so you gotta have interest to have more participants.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm BaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaack!

Well, mostly. I wont go into my problems here, suffice to say I found out I had more and better friends thanni knew. My thanks to all of you, and special thanks to Animal and Deadman for dragging me kicking and screaming out tonight.

You see, tonight, I found something. I stumbled onto a time machine. A time machine named Metal Shop. It took me back in time, back to when I didn't care because because I didnt have to, when I looked forward to being an adult. They are an awesome 80s tribute band, with an even more awesome stage presence.

To make a long story short, I had a blast with my friends, rocked my freaking ass off, and am generally ready to get back to work on this blog, and NERF in general.

To make this semi on topic, I have a project im working on as soon as I get my hands a heat gun, which will be generating a tutorial.

Edit: Found their website,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FoamSport! Red Vs Blue

As I sit here to write this the first thing that comes to mind is "where to start?".  The numerous form which FoamSport takes are great and varied.  I suppose I should note that I've never been to an "NIC War" if that can be said to be a unified thing at all.  I have watched videos of them, and for the most part outdoor wars as they are played in the videos I've seen strike me as rather unappealing affairs.  While I claim no extensive knowledge, the idea of a wide open field where victory comes down to blaster performance as the prime factor might as well be a target range.  Plain old indoor gymnasium or fellowship hall games strike me as bland, but not unpalatable.  I rather enjoy the use of cover and the teamwork necessitated by the space.  And that's what it boils down to for me.

I'm in FoamSports for fun and camaraderie.  Tactics and teamwork are the very things that make this sport appealing to me.  And when a game breaks out of a fellowship hall and into the property proper, with hallways doors and rooms making the playscape a varied thing is when I believe it comes into its own.  From here on out I'll be referring to this as Red Vs Blue (RVB) type play, in reference to Humans Vs Zombies (HVZ) .  The example that comes to mind most readily to me would be the indoor church wars that BasicNerf holds.  Roughly equal sized teams, either trying to accomplish an objective or eliminate the other team, or a mix thereof.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MilSim and Speedball- Part Two

Here we are for part two of this little informational piece on these two styles of play in the world of action sports. Here's a list of reasons why people like the two types, and the actual pros and cons that I've witnessed between the two.

MilSim Pros:
-Diversity in gametypes depending on how many players are present.
-Story driven option
-Perks systems (More on that in a second)
-"Class" style play (Think Battlefield)
-Depending on the field, you can actually use hybrid forms of play (Airsoft guns, NERF melee, paint grenades, ect.)

MilSim Cons:
-HIGH chances of cheating (or "Lack of Honor" as some put it)
-"Class" style play can be used AGAINST the players
-Stricter rules of engagements for safety concerns can lead to more accidents due to human reflexes.
-Unless there are refs on the field remaining unbiased, tendencies of arguements are higher in this style

Now, the perks system in MilSim style play is used by the team commanders to further engage the players to think on their feet versus just standing there shooting into the wind. These can be anything from simulated carpet bombs to getting an actual mortor system to deploy on the field. One field I've personally played in allowed a Tactical Osprey drop behind enemy lines that came complete with the ref using an LMG to simulate chopper cover for the insertion team. If you like big firefights with ALOT of people, MilSim is tending to be the style that dominates in terms of numbers.

However, that isn't to say Speedball isn't growing in terms of numbers or times it is played. Even here in South Texas, the MilSim groups still play speedball style to keep things fresh and everyone on their toes.

Speedball Pros:
-Less planning involved for fields to be in use.
-Less numbers required
-Rules can be agreed upon at game creation

Speedball cons:
-If not done well, people will get bored
-High number of people involved tends to over complicate the games
-Higher chances to lose items out in the field, resulting in possible theft or loss of item.

The last con on the list is possible in MilSim play, don't get me wrong. If your out in the middle of the jungle and you drop your phone, good luck finding it without having the ringer on full blast and a search party. However, in a typical speedball event, the field is small enough for people to trample over things that they will pick it up, pocket it and forget they have it. Its happened to Animal more than once with either weapons, gear or a combination.

Yaz Out.

Urban Taggers.: More Rapidstrike internals on Baidu

Urban Taggers.: More Rapidstrike internals on Baidu: Naturally, "have blaster will mod" is a common stance for many- even for those who get these blasters way early:) On Baidu th...

Of Zombies and Femme Fatales

So a little background for this piece, so that when someone reads this in a year they have some idea what i'm rambling about.  A few months ago, we begin seeing the first images of the Nerf Rebelle line from toy fairs.  There was some booing, and some rejoicing.  Some gnashed their teeth and called the line sexist others applauded the forward empowerment of females, and others just didn't quite see a point to it.  All that is beside the point of this piece however.  Just last night I began seeing the first images of a leaked pistol, that looks awfully similar to the Rebelle Wildshot, the Zombie Strike line's Hammershot.
Wildshot Source: UK Nerf

Hammershot Source: UK Nerf

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

"MilSim" and "Speedball"? Part 1

Hey everyone, (does anyone even care who I am?) Yaz here. Everytime I've personally heard someone bring up this topic of which is better and why, SOMEONE gets offended or takes it the wrong way. First thing, to be perfectly clear, is that these are play TYPES and not play GROUPS.

That said, what are the differences? Well, heres a brief breakdown.(Someone is going to throw a brick at me)

Military Simulations, or "MilSim", tend to be common scenario based games. Typically, people call them "war games" since its some form of epic stand off, some even have a story that is told every year. While it is encouraged to do things, like uniforms, gear, ect... it isn't always a requirement for these types of games. The main thing about a MilSim style game is there are commanders of teams, breaking down objectives to a squad or even a single person for the major win at the end of the day or scenario.

What is "Speedball"? This is a thrown about term, but its used loosely here to be more of a codeword for something other than MilSim. Speedball is generally things like Team Deathmatch, capture the flag or just flat out "Go flail swords akimbo at each other and see who hits someone first".  Most people,when they say Speedball, are refering to a game type that is two teams enter a field from opposing ends and just fire at each other while popping from cover to cover. Games like that last anywhere from seconds to about ten minutes, usually. Fun, exciting and simple.

There are groups out there over this big planet who take pride in saying, "We are a MilSim group! WE RULE!", and this is fine. However, when someone who has no clue what they mean by this hears it, they usually take it the wrong way and assume that they are classifying themselves as something that is not entirely correct. They are a group who play with MilSim rules. Nothing more to it than that.

Yaz out.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A New Challenger!

Please welcome Yaz, our new blogger specializing in airsoft!. I've played with him multiple times at Nerf-outs and have come to very much respect his skill and insight in the sport.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gearing Up! Apex Weapon Systems Drop Thigh Mag Carrier

The year is 2010.  The place: Corpus Christi, TX.  My roommates and I have just begun going to Nerf-outs at a local church for some indoor action.  With exception of Deadman we're rocking Stampedes with Raider drums.  The full auto blaster rocks especially against the other local players there, the most up to date blaster in their group being a Swarmfire (which its user used to devastating effect).  There was however a problem with our blaster setup...
This is Bazookafied, who doesn't come to our games.  Notice, his lack of mags to carry around.  Our swarmfire user is a similar pants-wetting terror.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tactical Tag: Pistols: The Shrinking Gap

Friend of the blog and fellow nerfer with a tactical sweet-tooth, Bazookafied weighs in on dart pistols, large and small, as well as the ramifications of increased pistol performance in the Elite line!
Tactical Tag: Pistols: The Shrinking Gap


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