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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nerf MEGA Line, Conjecture, opinion, wishes

The Nerf MEGA Centurion got my Imagination running. I'm a Sniper Whore and make no bones about it, so the thought of this monster has me saving my pennies already.   Non standard ammo dosn't bother me,  because i really havn't gotten used to the idea of standardized ammo yet.  I DO wish there was more info on what, exactly, an "electronic plunger system" is. This could be several things, from autococking, to round counting, to simple sound effects. As for the MEGA Darts themselves, I've wanted "magnum" darts for a while, and a pistol to shoot them out of.

There, that pretty much exhausts what we know about the thing, other than that something called the Mega Javelin is also listed.

Now, here's what i'm hoping:
Centurion: Electronic Plunger is an autococker. So sue me, i like repeaters.
I also hope that the fact that not all of them have the thing is an indication that they're making a move to an upgradable/modifiable/repairable platform.
Javelin: i'm hoping this is either A: an "elite" titan, airpressure or otherwise, or B: A MEGA Stampede, full auto/burst fire, clip fed.

Future of MEGA:
I'm hoping for a pistol of some sort, by preference CS, though i'm not opposed to a revolver, i think it'd be a cartoonishly monsterous one if its more than 3 shots (think The Mask, or Roger Rabbit).
Another Bullpup in the MEGAline would be nice, either pump action or flywheel repeater.

Not related to the MEGA Line, but we still need a good bursting grenade. Spring launched soft foam balls would be perfect, say 3/4th of an inch in diameter, purchasable in lots of, say, 50 or so for 110 or 15 bucks.

EDIT: So, it turns out the centurion and javelin both have the same EAN (read upc for us yanks) number.

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