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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flywheels, Flywheels, Flywheels, and more Flywheels!!!

So, with the impending release of the Rapidstrike, I had a thought. What if you could individually tune the flywheel motors to improve accuracy? So, my thought process was that if you put individual potentiometer based volltage controls, with a narrow voltage range, and set to your output voltage, you could make small adjustments to the individual motors. This may improve accuracy with overvolted motors.

Now, I just have to get the bits, put everything together, and test it. More to come on that.

EDIT: just to be clear, im thinking that by varying the speeds you can gain some vertical precision.


  1. How would this work to counteract the innacuracy inherent from the inconsistency of darts? You'd get more performance gains out of balancing the flywheels to remove drag

  2. thats part of the thought process. this would allow you to tweak the motors individually and account for differences in flywheels, flywheel doping, motor wear, etc. i specify "vertical" precision, because there's no real way to change much horizontally.

    Basically, what i'm saying is that by being able to individually tune the motors, you could find your sweet, where the thing has the best balance of range and accuracy.



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