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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Watch This Space!!!

Or rather, this blog. I've roughed out in my head an add on circuit for the 'Pede that will accomplish a variety of things.

First, it'll act as an Empty Mag Cut Out. Basically  after you fire your last dart, no more shootie. no dry fires, Neh? Optionally, it'll light an LED to inform you, but i prefer my way.

Second, it'll allow single and burst fire, with an adjustable burst rate.

Third, I've figured out a sensor that will tell it what kind of mag you put in, whether 6, 12, 18, or 35. it will require modifying the mags, but that part of the mod's simple.

Fourth, It'll run a count down round counter to track where your ammo status is for the loaded mag.

Now, if you interlink the second and third points, you can also "program" the thing with different burst fire settings for different mag sizes. say, 2 rnd burst for 6, 3 for 12's and 18s, and say, 5s for the 35. OR you can just set everything to 3. It'll be controlled by an arduino nano, and i think i'll see about hard mounting a USB jumper to the case somewhere so you can change things without opening the thing up.

Other than that, i've finally managed to source my springs and such, i know where to get the batteries and the charger, now i just need to source a torque spec motor for the thing. and i wish the guys over at BattleGears would make more brass gears.  HEY GUYS! How about a set of 4 gears and the drive band off the plunger tube to boot? hell, i'd just about pay to have the CAST right now...

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