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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Basic Loadout

I'll update this with pics later, But for now. My Go To loadout for, basically, ANY situation, is My Trusty CS-50 Stampede (currently stock, i'm waiting for the available money for upgrade springs and battery, and possibly gears and motor), and a Pair of Stryfes (still stock as well, debating on mods, but will be detailed below. On my "to be purchased" list are LARP thrown weapons and a good LARP Boffer sword. probably from Stronblade (i think thats the name of the company). they're better quality than NERF Melee weapons.

I'm currently designing a pair of tactical drop holsters for the stryfes that will allow one handed reholstering. Also on my upgrade list are a few of Limey Tactical's improved 4-in-hand mag pouches, some "toy" night vision goggles with a home made head rig (the ones that actually are Active IR, not the cheaper ones with green lights, just FYI), IR laser for a sight to compensate for the lack of depth perception of the goggles, and an IR Iluminator (read "LED Flashlight with a LED swap") for night TACOPS. Also, some new apps for my phone when i get it upgraded, and a pebble smart watch.  i do have a plan :D. and i still need to pick up my suspension vest, Cami's, and webbing. Most of my tactical gear was stolen during my move several years ago, and, i hate to say, i probably wouldn't fit in it anymore.

I usually start with a 35 in the 'Pede and 6's in the Stryfe, then go to 18s on everything when empty.

Now, planned mods.
Stampede: Spring and power upgrade. CONSIDERING installing a high torque brushless motor and an arduino controller. The Arduino will also run some other firmware, basically giving me a round counter and an empty clip indicator (setable to either light an LED or simply cease firing, maybe play a pinfall clip out of a speaker) that's all still in the planning stages, though.
Stryfe: either a voltage upgrade followed by a possible motor swap, or simply do the Plasma Dash swap and an amperage upgrade. i'll need to find some higher limit switches, though.

I have a plan to experiment with LIFEPO batteries as voltage upgrades. not sure how that's going to turn out, but i can use em in other stuff, so, no loss.

anywho, that's how i get rigged.

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